Wednesday, August 21, 2013

There is no need to be cheap

Raveena Tandon is in no hurry to announce her comeback to Hindi films yet. Instead, she is busy managing her home and kids, doing movies down South and being a philanthropist. B-S caught up with her
Regional cinema
Presently, I am working with South actor Mohan Babu and his sons for a Telegu movie. This is not my first movie, as I have already done films like Aalavandhan, Bangaru Bullodu, Akasa Veedhilo. My last film Laboratory was in Bengali. 

It is based on a short story by Rabindranath Tagore. I did the dubbing for it myself, I found it easier than Telegu. I appreciate the love, positive vibes and respect that I get from them. 

Their cinema still revolves around villagers, traditions and middle class values, thus they connect with the masses. As for the Hindi film industry, I welcome its corporatisation which has led to bound scripts, proper contracts, payments on time and organised schedules. 

However, the flip side is that the content is modern and western. There are exceptions of course like Bhaag Milka Bhaag, Barfi, Kahaani, Gangs of Wasseypur to name a few which are adding a new dimension to cinema. 
The mast mast girl
Admittedly, item songs add glitz and glamour to a movie. But there is no need to be cheap. A fun number with foot-tapping music can be a chart-buster too. 

Being mommy
I am a very hands-on mother. I often tell my family and friends that 'movies will come and go, but the childhood of my kids will come only once and I don't want to miss it for anything'. 

That's one of the reasons I take on lesser work. I read about two-three scripts on an average but only take on one movie at a time and roles that really excite me. In the next few months I will start work on a Hindi film. 
Giving back to society
As an actor, I believe we should be able to contribute for the welfare of the society. Previously I have partnered with UNICEF. My latest project was to house 30 orphan children who were homeless and were staying with me in my bungalow for over one and a half years.

With the help of family and friends who helped me gather funds, we built a home for them in Vasai. I was completely involved in the project from the flooring to the colouring of the walls. Recently, when the kids moved to this place, they made cards which said that the house we built for them is better than the Taj Mahal (smiles). 

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