Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paris Hilton in aamchi Mumbai

Paris Hilton in aamchi Mumbai After weeks of speculation, heiress and international celebrity Paris Hilton will visit Mumbai this month-end to launch her line of handbags and accessories in India, the event's organisers confirmed on Tuesday.

Hilton, who is also an actor, singer, designer and entrepreneur, will be in Mumbai for three days, Brand Concepts CEO Abhinav Kumar said.

The socialite is expected to be in the city from September 24 to 26. "This is her first trip to Indian continent and we are confident she will enjoy her stay in the country," he further added.

Besides launching the handbags and accessories designed by her, branded 'Paris Hilton', she will also interact with her fans too, Kumar said.

However, details like the exact dates of her arrival, the place of her stay, her itinerary, and also if she would bring along her pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, are being kept strictly under wraps.

Also, it remains to be seen if the rumours about her appearance on Bollywood director Karan Johar's chat show will really happen or not.

Hollywood in B-Town

Hugh Jackman - 2011
John Travolta - 2010
Akon - 2011
Gerard Butler - 2009
Ralph Fiennes - 2007
Ashley Judd - 2007
Richard Gere - 2007
Will Smith - 2006
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie - 2006
Apart from these, many more stars have visited the country over the years. Their favourite destination being the royal Rajasthan: Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Madonna, Mick Jagger.

Mausam 'Cowed' down

Mausam `Cowed` down Nowadays it appears that animals have more rights and privileges than human beings, at least as far as the censor board is concerned.

The five promotional trailers of Mausam are pending clearance, reportedly on 'humanitarian' grounds, as one of them features a cow. Not that the cow is being ill-treated or even milked on screen. It's just a cow passing by in a frame. Yes, you heard that right.

The censor board has now asked the Mausam producers to obtain clearance from the Animal Welfare Board, in order to get clearance.

Producer Sheetal Talwar is livid. "I understand any shot of an animal in a film has to be cleared by the Animal Welfare Board. For our film Rakht Charitra we even had to get clearance from the Board for random street dogs that wandered into the frame. Fair enough. There's a shot of a cow in Mausam. We are ready to get a clearance from the Animal Welfare Board for it." Talwar however wonders why all the teaser trailers have been held back.

"The censors are welcome to hold back the trailer with the cow, until we get clearance. But why hold back all five trailers?"

Pankaja Thakur, chief executive officer of the censor board said, "The regional officer in Mumbai, JP Singh, has examined the promos, and cleared all the same."

Singh however said, "The Animal Welfare Board's NOC (no-objection certificate) is required in order to show animals on screen."

Yuvika Chaudhary declines Bigg Boss 5 offer

Yuvika Chaudhary declines Bigg Boss 5 offerYuvika Chaudhary was approached for Bigg Boss 5.

But the starlet refused the offer as she is not too comfortable talking about her personal life and having a camera 24/7 focussing on her.

Looks like she'd rather concentrate on the big screen calling with Govinda recommending her.

Madhuri caught me half-naked, claims Hrithik!

Madhuri caught me half-naked, claims Hrithik! Hrithik Roshan has revealed that Madhuri Dixit had caught him half nanga!

On Preity Zinta's show, Duggu went red faced while revealing that during the making of Koyla, Hrithik was just a munna assisting his dad.

After a shower he was draped in a towel and was busy reciting some dialogues on his own, when Mads entered the room.

Thankfully, Duggu didn't drop the towel Ranbir Kapoor style.

Move over, Malaika. here comes hot and latest item bomb

Move over, Malaika... here comes hot and latest item bomb Scarlet is the name. Scarlet Mellish Wilson. This English girl is the latest item bomb to hit Bollywood.

And according to director Dibakar Bannerjee she knows the Bollywood moves better than any desi girl. Hence her add-on presence in Dibakar Bannerjee’s Shanghai.

Apparently the original plan was to get Katrina Kaif to do the very desi very earthy item song in Shanghai.

Says a source, “Katrina is a friend of Dibakar’s. In fact he was supposed to do film with Katrina and Imran Khan. Ever since then the two have remained in touch.

There was a situation in Shanghai where an item song was required to be performed for a bunch of politicians.

Dibakar thought Katrina’s dancing abilities could be given a completely different spin. But then someone recommended Scarlet. ”

Dibakar can’t stop raving about his new item girl. “Someone recommended Scarlet for our item song. I couldn’t believe how well she danced!

Scarlet is by far one of the best dancers in the Bollywood form I’ve seen. Usually when foreigners do Bollywood dancing there’s a certain amount of stiffness in their movements. Not Scarlet. She takes to the rhythms as though she was born to the desi beat. ”

Vishal-Shekhar were assigned the task of composition.

Says Dibakar, “They’ve come up with this rocking number Imported Kamariya which we’ll be shooting with Scarlet shortly. Trust me, she will take Bollywood by storm. ”

In the meanwhile Scarlet is being kept under wraps, far away from the prying eyes of item-fixated producers in Bollywoood.

Apparently the Brit Bollywood sizzler has been convinced by contractual means to let Imported Kamariya be her launch-pad in Hindi cinema.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

After getting dumped by Rascals, Paris Hilton to sue Kangana

After getting dumped by Rascals, Paris Hilton to sue KanganaSources say Kangna Ranaut was deliberately excluded from the title track of her estranged pal's forthcoming film

While Kangna Ranaut may deny a fall-out with Sanjay and Maanayata, she certainly can't ignore the consequences of rubbing the Dutts the wrong way!

In the title track of the forthcoming Rascals, the actress has apparently been deliberately left out, despite having enough time to shoot for the same.

The rest of the cast Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt and Lisa Haydon have been featured in the song.

Incidentally Lisa, who featured in Aisha, was roped in the film after the filiming had started and a role was specially written for her.

Sources say the move to exclude her was intentional, as by the time it was shot during their recent Thailand schedule, relations between Sanju (who is also the film's producer) and Kangs had strained even further. As a result, director David Dhawan decided to shoot it only with the threesome.

Kangna was at one time extremely close to the Dutts. But when she started making statements about her proximity to them, it left them flummoxed.

After getting dumped by Rascals, Paris Hilton to sue Kangana Also, Ameesha Patel, who is also dear to the couple, was dragged into it as Kangna felt she had become more close to them than Ameesha. And, of course, not to mention she recently turned down an offer to star opposite Sanju Baba.

Guess Kangs still needs to learn a thing or two about maintaining good relations in B-Town!

Paris to sue Kangs?

Kangna Ranaut claimed she was approached to be the face of Paris Hilton Fashions in India. But Paris, extremely miffed about the false news, is planning to sue the actress.

Her reps have stated that Kangna was never approached.

Kangs met Paris in Dubai courtesy Paris's friendship with her ex Adhyayan Suman but no such deal was offered and nor does Paris remember Kangna.

Is Emraan scared of Randeep?

Is Emraan scared of Randeep?Yet another war seems to be brewing in B-Town, and this time it does not involve the superstar Khans or the industry's leading ladies.

Ever since their first movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai together, Emraan Hashmi and Randeep Hooda have apparently not shared the friendliest of vibes.

And now, the hostility between the two is slowly bubbling to the surface, threatening to disrupt the making of a new film they've signed together.

Apparently, Emraan is not happy about the powerful nature of Randeep's role in Jannat 2. He has asked director Kunal Deshmukh, who also happens to be his friend, to make certain changes that would make his own character as, if not more, powerful.

No partiality

Is Emraan scared of Randeep? However, Deshmukh is unwilling to give in to any of his demands. "I guess, since Emraan played the lead in Jannat, he feels this franchise is his domain.

However, Jannat 2 has been scripted as a two-hero film, so we aren't changing anything. Randeep's role will be given the same care, and will be subject to the same detailing as Emraan's, " says Kunal.

According to our source, Emraan feels he should not be taken for granted in any Bhatt film given his relationship with them.

"He feels that he's a Bhatt camp ka bachcha. He has not taken kindly to Deshmukh's directorial obstinacy, as he feels that after doing two films with the director they share a comfort level that cannot be taken for granted."

While it's great that Kunal has decided to go with his director's instincts, we're sure he'll have plenty of fireworks to deal with on the sets once the shoot for Jannat 2 begins.

Laxmi Manchu, yet another south hottie arrives

Laxmi Manchu, yet another south hottie arrivesRGV likes women in all shapes and sizes is well- known.

What is new is that he has suddenly developed this undying chahat for southern beauties.

After signing Laxmi Manchu opposite Sanjay Dutt in his cop drama, the director has roped in Madhu Shalini, another southern item, for a pivotal role.

Apparently Madhu is a replica of Manisha Koirala.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First look: Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of social networking. It tells the story of two losers, Vishal & Preity who fake their identities online to woo two really hot people, Malvika & Rahul. Little do they know that the person they totally hate in real life is the same person, they've fallen in love with online.

First look: Mujhse Fraaandship KarogeThe film marks the debut of actors, Saqib Saleem, Saba Azad, Tara D'Souza & Nishant Dahiya besides director, Nupur Asthana who was previously known for hugely popular cult TV shows like Hip Hip Hurray & Mahi Way and one of the most talented indie musicians of India, Raghu Dixit as composer. Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge hits theatres on October 14, 2011.

First Look: Has Kajal Agarwal gone topless?

First Look: Has Kajal Agarwal gone topless?Aaye haaye, what is this I hear... Kajal Agarwal has gone topless.

Yes yes, that Singham girl has gone almost nanga punga for the cover of a men's magazine.

She is inspired by none other than Hollywood's Lindsay Lohan, who had shot for that popular cover for a mag back in 2004.

I also hear Italian phataka Monica Belucci had done something similar too.

One thing is pucca...Kajal's mentor Ajay Devgan may want to preserve that issue!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sheila becomes Munni for Rs 2.5 crore

Sheila becomes Munni for Rs 2.5 croreLast year's biggest Bollywood competition was between two popular songs, Sheila Ki Jawani and Munni Badnaam Hui, but in a strange turn of events, Sheila, or rather Katrina Kaif is set to become Munni.

The makers of the under-production Osthi, the Tamil version of Dabangg, plagued by fears of a possible comparison between the new Munni Badnaam Hui with the original, have decided to go for a new version of the song.

According to sources, they are signing Katrina Kaif for it and have reportedly set aside Rs 2.5 crore for the song.

While Farah Khan choreographed the original song, Saroj Khan will work on the new version. A source said, "Saroj has just completed a great number for Prabhu Deva's Rowdy Rathore. When Osthi's director S Darani learnt about it, he decided on Saroj."

According to the source, Osthi's makers decided to tweak the original song because of copyright reasons. T Series, which holds the rights to the original song, has refused to grant permission to reproduce the song.

The source also added that Malaika Arora Khan had made it known that she was not available for item songs outside her home banner, and talks were doing the rounds that Bipasha Basu might be roped in. However, they have now altered their plans.

Sonu Sood, who will be reprising his role in Dabangg as Salman Khan's brother, is apparently the reason why Kaif will be signed on. The source said, "The producers were keen on Bipasha. But Sonu is pushing for Katrina. He has already informed her.

Katrina always finds it hard to say no to her friends." Sood has been friends with Kaif, ever since he worked with the actress in Singh is Kinng. While in the original song, Sood has a limited screen time with 'Munni', in the new version, he will reportedly dance with the item girl from start to finish.

When asked about his friendship with Kaif and her casting, Sood said, "At the moment, all I can say is Katrina is a dear friend. Beyond that I'm not in a position to comment.

And yes, this time I'll have a lot more dancing to do." He added, "I am looking forward to that since my dancing partner is someone extraordinarily beautiful."

The new version of the film will star Tamil film star Silambarasan Rajendar, also known as Simbhu, in the lead.

Poonam Pandey to now partially strip for Team India!

Poonam Pandey to now partially strip for Team India!India made history by lifting the World Cup at the Wankhede Stadium on April 2, 2011. Millions of people were praying for India when the cricketers started the match.

Amongst all the others was actor Poonam Pandey, but the only difference was that Poonam had promised the team much more than just her prayers. However, her claims couldn’t materialize due to various reasons.

But now, Poonam Pandey is back in the news with her tweets for the men in blue. Poonam has gone ahead and posted on the micro-blogging site, that she will be lifting her suspense over her partially promised deed. Apparently, Poonam is all set to inspire the men in blue by delivering on her promise.

“After a whitewash by the English, Dhoni and his boys are very dejected. I want them to win the ODIs and show the world that we are still number one.

An 'Inspiration' is on the way for the Team.... (Keep watching this space) Today!!!All sportsmen need 'inspiration' 2 perform well. And I love my country and want my team to b on top always. (Keep watching this space) Sep. 2 (sic), ” tweeted Poonam on the micro-blogging site.

“Every time Dhoni hits a six, I am raising my hands to celebrate. Don't you wish he hits them all day, Sep. 2 (Keep Watching this Space) A lap of honour, a round of applause, India will win the series. Why? Cause I'm right behind the boys (keep watching this space) Sep. 2 (sic), ” she added.

A die-hard fan of the cricket team, Poonam had promised to partially strip for the team to inspire them. After the shameful defeat in the test series, let’s hope that the Indian team gets inspired by Poonam and we win the ODI’s finally.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vidya Balan moving closer to marriage?

The last we heard, actor Vidya Balan and UTV head honcho Siddharth Roy Kapur had secretly tied the know. Balan laid rest to those rumours by laughing them off in an interview recently. The two have been denying being in a relationship even, forget getting married. Now, the Dirty Picture actor and Kapur have recently bought a flat in Mumbai's Bandra area, 'near Rizvi College', reports Delhi Times.

Vidya Balan moving closer to marriage?A source has confirmed to the tabloid supplement that the two will now move forward in their relationship when they furnish the house together and move in. "The two will tie the knot in 2012," source added.

Where's the truth in these rumours, Vidya?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Celina Jaitley announces marriage on Twitter

Celina Jaitley announced her marriage to hotelier Peter Haag on Twitter over the weekend. Rumours of their possible union was doing the rounds of Bollywood for quite a while – some rumours are true then!

Celina Jaitley announces marriage on TwitterCelina tweeted - "Beloved tweeple. ..With great pleasure I would like to announce my wedding with peterhaag on the 23rd of last month at a thousand year old monastery in Austria. We seek your blessings and good wishes, and apologize for the delayed announcement due to a family tragedy. Here is a picture of the most cherished moment of our lives. [The following picture features myself and my beloved husband, flanked by my dearest father in law to my left, and my brother in law to Peter’s right.]" Media sources say that the marriage took place 6 months back but Celina announced it over the recent weekend. The couple, as media sources claim, were engaged last year in Mumbai.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sonakshi won't share her item with Minissha

Sonakshi won't share her item with MinisshaACCORDING to the grapevine, not all is well between Sonakshi Sinha and Minissha Lamba, both of whom are starring in Shirish Kunder's Joker, an upcoming fantasy film that will also star Akshay Kumar.

Sources claimed that after Lamba heard about Sinha's item number that would be choreographed by Farah Khan (Kunder's wife), she requested the director that she be made a part of it.

The fact that Sinha would be doing an item number has already created quite a stir in the media.

However, Sinha insisted that Lamba be kept out of the song and Kunder in order to make peace had to reportedly promise Lamba a music video for the film instead.

A source said Lamba was right to feel jittery about Sinha's item number.

"After the way Zarine Khan walked away with all the attention in Ready with just one item song, stealing Asin's thunder, and with Kareena having to put her foot down with regards to Katrina's item song in Bodyguard, Minissha wanted to take no chances. That's why she asked Shirish to include her in the number, " he said.

When contacted, Kunder said, "Yes, Minissha did express a desire to be in the item song. I'd have loved her to be part of it.

Unfortunately, her character is not supposed to be introduced at the stage the item song appears in the film. I have, however, promised that I'll shoot a special music video with her."

Minissha Lamba was, however, evasive when asked why she wasn't part of the song. "I don't know about all that. It's a creative call taken by the director, " she said.

First Teaser: As sultry as it gets - Vidya in 'The Dirty Picture'

First Teaser: As sultry as it gets - Vidya in 'The Dirty Picture'Vidya Balan has never exposed as much - but in the first look of "The Dirty Picture", inspired by late southern sex icon Silk Smitha's life, she has painted a perfect picture in an itsy-bitsy red blouse matched with luscious red lipstick.

The actress stands undaunted even as three men - Naseeruddin Shah, Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi - get too close for comfort in the poster, which was released on social networking sites Friday.

"The poster and the logo of the film has a very 1980s feel to it because the movie is set in that period.

We will be launching the first trailer of 'The Dirty Picture' in Mumbai August 30," Girish Johar, head of acquisition and distribution, Balaji Motion Pictures, told over the phone from Mumbai.

The film is set to release Dec 2, the birth anniversary of Silk Smitha, who became a symbol of sensuality after featuring in bold and semi-nude roles. Later, financial crises and personal problems took a toll on her life.

It is this moving story that has been captured in this latest offering by Ekta Kapoor.

In tune with the period that the movie is set in, the Balaji unit has chosen to launch the first trailer at Galaxy, a single screen theatre in Mumbai.

"It is because the movie has the 1980s charm of Indian cinema, we chose not to go to any five star hotel or a multiplex to launch the first teaser. The theatre will be set up in a way that reminds people of good old times," said Johar.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha proves Curves are Beautiful

Sonakshi Sinha’s weight issues will now have to take a back seat as the actress has decided to prove to all the finger-pointers that curves are indeed beautiful! She is now all set to appear in Shirish Kunder’s film ‘Joker’ where she does a sizzling hot dance number.

Sonakshi Sinha proves Curves are BeautifulSonakshi herself admits that she has weight issues but she openly claims that she does not believe that one needs to be stick thin to create a stand in the industry.

It’s not that she does not have to work hard to maintain her body. The actress said, “I work hard to maintain myself and always try to look better…. Also if I have been accepted for the way I look, why would I do anything to change it? There is pressure from a lot of people, but that’s not what my audience wants. I’m happy with the way I look.”

She also rubbished rumours about Shirish’s demand that she loses weight. She clarified saying, “If it were true, I wouldn’t have five films lined up,” says the Dabangg actress.

Just recently at the Lakme india Fashion Week, many including her fans had commented on her ‘plump’ look on the ramp. In fact, Rakhi Sawant wrote on her blog that she can help out Sonakshi in losing some pounds.

Pregnant Lara is missing hubby Mahesh

To be mummy and actor Lara Dutta may be missing husband and ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi but he seems to have more than made up for the absence. Mahesh has been touring the US for various tournaments for the past couple of days. Owing to this, he too is missing out on spending time with wife Lara who is expecting.

Pregnant Lara is missing hubby MaheshMahesh, who makes it a point to either travel with wife or take a break in between his tournaments, is missing out on spending time with her as Lara cannot fly during her pregnancy. But the wait has worth it as Mahesh and partner Leander Paes have clinched the Cincinnati Open Title in the US.

A visibly elated Lara Dutta posted on her Twitter page, “And THAT’S how we finish off an amazing Sunday! CongratulatioAns @ Maheshbhupathi and Leander for clinching the Cincinnati Open Title!!!!! :)” Besides wifey Lara who was seen congratulatory the duo, new found friend Neil Nitin Mukesh too sent his congratulatory messages to Mahesh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha's item song for `Joker

Sonakshi Sinha is all set to shake her booty in an item number for Shirish Kunder’s `Joker` starring Akshay Kumar. The `Dabangg` hottie does not believe in slapping the term “item number” on songs that are meant for dance. Though it was wondered if Sonakshi’s weighty woes would ever be able to do justice to an “item number”, the girl is confident of carrying herself in the best possible way. So, Sona is gung-ho about proving people wrong.

Sonakshi Sinha's item song for `Joker

Imran Khan wants Delhi Belly 2

Imran Khan wants Delhi Belly 2Imran Khan needs Delhi Belly 2Imran Khan, the film’s lead actor, is all for the film’s sequel. At the same time, Khan maintains that the sequel shouldn’t be rushed into. A proper script that justifies the need for a sequel should be put in place first.

“Delhi Belly ended on a note that leaves the scope for a sequel. If and when Akshat Verma (writer) and Abhinay Deo (director) come up with a script, I would love to be a part of it,” Imran says. Imran also doesn’t mind the generous use of expletives in the dialogues, which will be in the sequel as well, whenever Delhi Belly 2 is made. Presently, Imran is looking forward to the release of his next film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Katrina Kaif. Imran recently said that Katrina is the most hardworking actress he has worked with so far. Meanwhile, coming back to Delhi Belly 2, we’re sure opinions will be divided over whether the sequel should be made or not. So we ask you. Do you want Delhi Belly 2? Or do you think ‘shit’ shouldn’t ‘happen’ again?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kareena doesn't want to keep a bodyguard

Kareena Kapoor doesn’t believe in keeping a bodyguard, as she doesn’t like her fans being treated badly. She believes that whatever she has achieved so far is because of them, which is why she always makes it a point to give autographs and allows her fans to click a picture with her. The only time the actor keeps a bodyguard is when she is making an appearance in a crowded place.

Kareena doesn't want to keep a bodyguardBut considering her next film is titled Bodyguard, ask her if her opinion has changed now and she just smiles and says that co-star Salman Khan is her new bodyguard.

Bipasha Basu returns for Bhatt's Raaz 3

After being at loggerheads for a while now, looks like Bipasha Basu is being welcomed back into the Bhatt camp with open arms. On Thursday, she signed the much talked-about third part of the Raaz franchise and was officially back to being a Bhatt girl.

Bipasha Basu returns for Bhatt's Raaz 3"Mukesh Bhatt wanted Bipasha to do an item song in Murder 2. But Bipasha demand for a huge amount of money took the Bhatts by surprise. The Bhatt's were not pleased with her attitude, especially since they were instrumental in Bipasha's rise to stardom by casting her in films Jism and Raaz at an early stage of her career.

In fact, the Bhatt's were so upset that Bipasha was not even invited to the Murder 2 success party. All this, though, is a thing of the past. Bipasha has slashed her price for the Bhatt camp and signed Raaz 3," says a source close to the camp.

When contacted, Mukesh Bhatt confirmed, "Yes, I can say that Bipasha has been welcomed home. She was destined to do the best and in Vishesh Films, we are giving her the best."When asked about the price factor and the dispute, Mukesh Bhatt was unwilling to divulge details of the fallout. He said, "The fact is that we are working together, which means we have a beautiful understanding. Let bygones be bygones. It is a home-coming for her and for Vikram Bhatt. We are all set to make a box office bonanza and we promise that it will be bigger than the first Raaz."

Vikram Bhatt, echoing Mukesh's sentiments, said, "Bipasha is an important part of the team that created the brand Raaz. I am happy to be working with her again and I am determined to recreate the same magic, with the whole-hearted support of the Murder 2 team - Emraan and Jacqueline, along with writer Shagufta Rafique. Just await the three idiots of horror and romance."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hema and Esha unite style at Lakme Fashion Week

Hema and Esha unite style at Lakme Fashion WeekBollywood actresses Hema Malini and Esha deol raised the mercury on the third day Friday of the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2011 when the mother-daughter duo strutted down the ramp in creations designed by Shyamal and Bhumika.

While Hema was wearing a maroon saree with part velvet, part brocade layers, daughter Esha sported a highly-embellished lehenga choli of the same colour. "I have never worn such a lovely saree. It looks like Kanjivaram but it`s lighter with hand woven brocade work. The idea was to canvas the golden era," Hema, 62, told reporters after the show. The designers were elated to have the mother-daughter duo for the show.

"It`s amazing to have Esha and Hemaji here to showcase the line. Esha is wearing a silk velvet ghagra and it has heavy zardosi hand embroidery. We specialise in hand embroidery, that`s what Shyamal and Bhumika are known for. We have done lots of hand works with contrasting colours; that`s our forte," Bhumika said.

The collection was inspired by the age-old Jamaas, Chogaas, Peshwas, Achkans and Kaidar Lehengas of the 17th century. The lines include some streamline sherwanee jackets teamed with gorgeous skirts sensuous cholas worn over avant grade Kalidaar lehengaas, floor sweeping Anarkalees, elongated yokes and kurtees. Jewel-toned colours like ruby wine, sunlight cream, nile blue, honey gold, aurora red, burnt orange, pale gold, lilac rose, peacock green were predominant in the collection.

Pregnant Ash flaunts her baby bump with aplomb!

Pregnant Ash flaunts her baby bump with aplomb!Aishwarya may have lost Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Heroine' due to her pregnancy but it is certainly not stopping her from doing other lucrative assignments.

The Bachchan bahu is in her sixth month of pregnancy and totally enjoying her pre motherhood phase along with wrapping up her previous professional commitments.

The actress was recently spotted in Bangkok for the shooting of her new Lux ad. Ash looked absolutely stunning in her off-shoulder peach-coloured gown designed by Manish Malhotra. She was glowing and full of energy and excitement.

The mommy-to-be reached the sets on time and was extremely professional. After seeing Ash on the sets everyone was stunned by her glowing face.

Soon after the shoot, she flew over to London with husband Abhishek Bachchan.

Sonakshi out, Sexy Sam is in

After Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone walking out of Kamal Hassan's ambitious Kollywood project Vishwaroopam, buzz is the South superstar has roped in Sameera Reddy to play his wife in the movie.

Says a source, "Kamal wanted an actress with a Bollywood connect. Sonakshi was first signed for it, but unfortunately she left the project due to date as well as weight issues."

Apparently, Sonakshi opted out of Hassan's bilingual film due to her prior commitment to Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Rowdy Rathod.

Once she backed out, the grapevine was buzzing with news of Kamal's offer being rejected by several A-List actresses in Bollywood.

Date issues

Deepika Padukone, who also refused the role, cited a packed schedule as her reason. "Plus she is to star opposite Rajnikanth, Kamal's archrival down South, " adds the source.

Finally, Kamal decided to sign on Sameera. A source close to the actress confirms, "Yes, she is doing the film.

She is very glad to be a part of the project. Though she is too young to play Kamal Hassan's wife, it is a big opportunity for her."

Shilpa gets sensual, to do bold scenes with Chinese actor

Shilpa gets sensual, to do bold scenes with Chinese actorThe actress has indulged in some intimate scenes in her next movie 'The Desire: A Journey of A Woman'Link

The last time we saw Shilpa Shetty on the big screen, she was prancing around on a beautiful beach in a two-piece with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan for company.

And though her Dostana act attracted more eyeballs than she could have imagined, the Bollywood beauty is definitely in the mood to display more than just her much-envied figure.

Shilpa, who is playing an Oddisi dancer in her next film The Desire: A Journey of A Woman, has apparently indulged in some seriously bold sequences with co-star Xia Yu in the film.

"I had no qualms in doing these scenes as these sequences are an integral part of the film, and have been aesthetically shot, " says Shilpa.

Daring notes

It does looks like one of the most interesting characters Shilpa has essayed in her 17-year-long career.

Which is why it is not surprising that the actress would go to any lengths to make herself look convincing enough on screen.

Shilpa gets sensual, to do bold scenes with Chinese actorSays a source, "In the film, a world famous Chinese painter is madly in love with Shilpa's character Gautami, but she does not really respond to him.

These sequences are a part of the story building up to how far their friendship goes."

The actress, who has been looking for a substantial script to come her way since her much-acclaimed performance in Anurag Basu's Life In A Metro, seems more than happy with this project.

"The film traces Gautami's journey through a number of years.

The love story is beautiful and the passion between the two characters is almost like a painting. I would say that it's my character Gautami, who is bold, and not the scenes per say, " explains Shilpa.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor take a secret break!

The Kapoor khandaan may be in mourning and the two actors, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan may have hectic schedules, but they always make time for love and leisure. The two took off for a quiet vacation to London on Sunday night. The couple will be living it up and enjoying some bonding time.

A much needed break for Bebo, who shooting schedules and promotional appearances lined up for a while. Plus, the passing of her grand-uncle would have also taken a toll on the young lady.

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor take a secret break!"Last week they were shooting for Agent Vinod, but nobody knew what Kareena had planned for Saif's birthday. She requested Saif's production partner Dinesh Vijan for five days off from the shoot to whisk him off to London. This year, Saif's birthday plans have been kept completely quiet and nobody except their families know where they are. They are staying at their favourite hotel Claridge's. Kareena even made all the arrangements for the birthday dinner on Tuesday night at an exclusive resto-bar in London," a source revealed to TOI.

While Kareena completed most of her professional commitments before leaving. Saif, on the other hand, can't be too far away from work. He has some meeting scheduled for his time in London as well. "They don't want anybody to know about their vacation, so they quietly flew out on August 14. This time the couple didn't want anybody to know what Kareena's birthday plans for Saif were. Their close friends got to know only the next day," the source added.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vidya Balan married?

Vidya Balan married?Vidya Balan was married off to beau Siddharth Roy Kapoor for a day, thanks to gossipmongers on social networking sites

Vidya Balan fans got a huge jolt on Tuesday, all thanks to social networking sites. The actress was conveniently married off to UTV Motion Pictures CEO Siddharth Roy Kapoor.

A strong buzz went around within the web world about how the South Indian beauty had already tied the knot with Kapoor a week ago.

Not just that, gossipmongers even speculated that the couple was scheduled to leave for their honeymoon as soon as Vidya completed her shoot for The Dirty Picture in Hyderabad.

However, we have good news. The actress is very much a bachelorette and has no plans of getting hitched anytime soon. When contacted, all she said was: "It is so untrue."

Interestingly, all this happened on a day that was very special for both.

It was Kapoor's birthday on August 2 and though that was good news enough, their fans who spread the news were clearly too excited.

All we can confirm is that the two took a trip out of the country as Siddharth does on every birthday, and spent the day together.

Rumours about Vidya and Kapoor dating each other have been doing the rounds since No One Killed Jessica.

Speculations only increased when the two were spotted holidaying in Goa and then in Khandala.

Apparently, Vidya has also been accompanying Kapoor on a few family functions, pretty much putting an official stamp on them as a couple.

John shows off to Asin

John Abraham shows off to AsinActors John Abraham and Asin have been bonding these days like long lost friends. The two met on the sets of Housefull 2 and sources say that they have remained in touch ever since. "John recently organised a private screening of one of his forthcoming films for Asin. Since, Asin was part of the original, John wanted to know what does she feel about the movie," says a source who's also a part of the film's unit.

But it's not just movies that the two are bonding on; apparently the two are also sharing a lot of tips on workouts. "Asin is very keen on John's workout methods and really appreciates them. John has also shared a lot of tips with her. The two were hanging out a lot when they were shooting together. They even discussed a few movie possibilities, but we don't know the details," the unit member added.

Asin, her staff members on the sets say that she chose to hang out with the boys when they used to get time off from the shooting. "She became a part of the boy's gang. Akshay (Kumar), Mithun (Chakraborthy), John, Riteish (Deshmukh) would hang out together. She felt comfortable with the boys and used to take part in the pranks as well on the sets," her staff member adds.

However it wasn't a smooth start for Asin during the initial phases as she was in trouble because one of her staff members was not granted the visa on time. "Asin flew out without her make-up and hair person. As you know that these people are extremely important for an actorwhen they are shooting. However, everybody helped out Asin with the hair and make-up during the shoot until her staff member arrived. The make-up artist arrived 15 days later, but by that time Asin was already through more than half of the shooting," the unit member ended.

'Singham' actress Kajal Aggarwal makes her ramp debut

Singham" actress Kajal Aggarwal Monday made her debut on the ramp at the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW). Kajal, who has worked in more than 20 Telugu and Tamil films and was recently seen opposite Ajay Devgan in Rohit Shetty's "Singham", strutted down the ramp as the show stopper for CVM Exports at IIJW's last show on Day two.

'Singham' actress Kajal Aggarwal makes her ramp debutLinkThe 26-year-old was wearing a yellow off shoulder gown and an elaborate neckpiece and earrings made of uncut diamonds. "I'm wearing this beautiful piece from the moon collection. It's basically pearls with uncut diamonds. I love it because it's unique and exquisite and the best thing I like about it is the fact that it is this lovely amalgamation of classic and contemporary which works very well. Its basically meant for brides," Kajal told reporters here.

So was she nervous walking the ramp for the first time? "Although this was my first time on the ramp, I wasn't nervous. I was just really excited," she said. "I wish I could rehearse, but I flew down from Chennai today (Monday) itself so I didn't get the time to rehearse," she added. Finally when asked, what is her favourite piece of jewellery, the actress replied: "My favourite piece of jewellery is the diamond ring that my father gifted me. I never leave home without it."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Poonam Pandey to lead slutwalk in Mumbai

“Full support to Slut Walk in Delhi! n Soon u will see me heading the Walk Ahead in Mumbai... wish i was der at Delhi today for the slut walk,” Poonam posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Poonam Pandey to lead slutwalk in MumbaiAfter becoming a sensation in Toronto and Melbourne, the SlutWalk in New Delhi was carried under the name of 'Besharmi Morcha'. The campaign is an action to protest the stereotyping and sexual violence against women. According to reports, Mumbai will host the Slut Walk in September. Poonam hogged the limelight during Cricket World Cup when she announced that she will strip in the green room if India wins the trophy, but it never happened. She also featured on the fourth season of "Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sharma's big secret is out

Anushka Sharma's big secret is outAnushka Sharma's Bollywood story - from a dream debut with Yash Raj Films to mutltiple hits - has been an incredible one. And now the actress is opening up about how it all happened. Anushka features on the next episode of Simi Garewal's show 'Simi Selects India's Most Desirable" on Star World and she shares her incredible 'secret' on it!

Anushka, who made her debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' revealed that she was reading the book 'The Secret' when she auditioned for the film. “When a Yash Raj movie starts, there is this logo that comes up so I used to keep watching it again and again. So when the film started and that logo played first and I was like wow... it actually happened.

Anushka added that she got very emotional when she actually got the role. “I was driving back from Yash Raj studios when Adi (Aditya Chopra) told me that I'd got the role. I couldn’t drive anymore because I was crying so I stopped the car and pulled over. I called my mother and told her that I got this film. Do you know what my mother told me? She said that there was this turtle that used to be in my room - I think its some Feng Shui thing - you open the turtle and you put a wish in the turtle. And when it comes true you take it out. She's never told me about this. But after I got the film she opened it and she showed it to me and she had written there - I hope that my daughter stars in a Yash Raj film. I swear! It’s unbelievable! I think somewhere she always wanted me to be an actress."

Here's to Anushka sharing more secrets (featuring Ranveer Singh, perhaps?) on Simi Garewal's show.

The show has already featured Ranbir Kapoor, Sidhartha Mallaya, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, John Abraham and Abhay Deol spilling some surprising details. Watch this space for updates!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Asin: Subhaan is my new favourite

She’s considered to be Salman Khan’s favourite leading lady, and also Akshay Kumar’s. But ask Asin who her favourite leading man is, and the reply will probably be a prompt “Subhaan”. No, he isn’t an upcoming actor you’re yet to hear of — he’s just producer Sajid Nadiadwala’s nine-year-old son! Subhaan, who has accompanied Sajid on the Housefull 2 shoot, seems so smitten by the pretty Asin that he spends all his time with her, unit sources say. “During the London schedule of the film, Subhaan just didn’t leave Asin’s side. He showered her with attention and brought her everything she needed,” our source said.

Asin: Subhaan is my new favouriteNo wonder then, that Asin was overheard saying that while Sallu and Akki were the perfect gentlemen to work with, Subhaan has by far surpassed them all. Asin on her part, is quite kicked about her latest gehri dosti. “I am fond of kids, and Subhaan is no different. He’s polite and never throws tantrums,” she says.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roshan highly impressed by Katrina Kaif‎

Actor Hrithik Roshan ,impressed by co-actor Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara praised her at an interview for her team spirit and efforts she puts in at work calling her a through and through professional.

Hrithik Roshan highly impressed by Katrina Kaif‎“Katrina is a beautiful person both inwardly and outwardly, gentle and demure yet strong and self-assured”, he said. Hrithik who had claimed to have not seen any of Kat’s work before said that he was pretty impressed by her work in ZNMD. Kat too who was delighted working with the star called him a ‘phenomenal’ actor.

Hrithik also spoke about Abhay Deol and Kalki’s work in the flick. “Abhay is a fine actor with a larger than life character contrary to his on-screen performances”, he said. Hrithik also said in the interview that he liked Kalki’s open-to-learn attitude on the sets of ZNMD and added that she is a wonderful new addition to the industry.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sharma engaged to Singh?

Anushka Sharma, who is rumoured to be dating her Band Baaja Baaraat co-star Ranveer Singh, was spotted with a ring in the engagement finger at the screening of one of the recent film releases. There were reports about a spat between Anushka and Ranveer during IIFA Awards.The reason being Ranveer's growing camaraderie with Sonakshi Sinha during rehearsals. So has Ranveer resolved her insecurities with a band on her finger?

Anushka Sharma engaged to Ranveer Singh?Earlier, the duo reportedly locked lips during Shahid Kapoor's birthday bash. However, the actor's manager denied all the reports. “Anushka isn’t going around or engaged, to clear the air,” the manager told. Is wedding on the cards? Time will tell!

Sulagna gets her big break with 'Murder 2'

Sulagna Panigrahi gets her big break with 'Murder 2'Mahesh Bhatt's upcoming film Murder 2, the sequel to Murder, is studded with lot of fresh things. Right from the thrilling script to hottest pairing of Emraan Hashmi & Jacqueline, it has it all. But what caught our attention is Bhatts' new find - the very beautiful Sulagna, who makes her debut with Murder 2.

Unlike other debutantes, who have less scope to show their bit with the first film itself, Sulagna has a significant role in director Mohit Suri's sequel. The delicate looking lady will be seen doing some dangerous stunts. However, she never showed a sign of panic and with full gusto performed the daredevil stunts. Everyone from the Murder 2 team swears for her bravery. After all, the pretty petite, Sulagna comes from a much disciplined army family background and well acquainted to deal with it.

Even Sulagna feels the reason behind her bold and fearless attitude comes from the fact that she has been brought up in the army environment. Says Sulagna, "Yes, I think somewhere my exposure to army world proved very helpful to perform the stunts with much ease."


Is Padukone copying Kaif?

If you receive a request from actor Deepika Padukone, what do you do? You grant it right away! This must be the exact feeling enveloping director Prakash Jha, when Deepika requested him for something. While most actors do it by reserving their demands on their directors, Deepy charmingly requested her director to get her way. Okay, now not holding on to the surprise any further, Deepika has a special wish.

Is Deepika Padukone copying Katrina Kaif?The actor wanted a song like 'Mora Piya' from the film 'Rajneeti' to be picturised on her — just like the way it was picturised on actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Known for the melodious music in his films, Jha, for his upcoming film 'Aarakshan', was surprised when he heard of Deepy's request. A source adds, "Deepika is a smart girl and knows exactly how to put forward her wishes. Before the film's shooting, Deepika requested via sms to Prakash Jha to feature a love ballad on her, with a happy face smiley at the end. And her wish was granted. It was bound to — as where most actors reserve peculiar demands for their directors and are in the news for their tantrums. It was clear that Deepika's charming approach to get her special song worked."

When asked about the request, Deepika said, "I remember how 'Mora piya' was such a rage. I remember messaging him (Prakash Jha) to please give me a good romantic song in his new film because Prakashji has a really good sense of music. I was really looking forward to shooting this song and it's turned out amazing. Till now, Mora piya was always played on loop on my mp3 player wherever I was travelling. But now its 'Seedhe point pe aaona', which is such a playful and cute romantic song."

The song features Deepika opposite actor Saif Ali Khan. Just like the Ranbir-Kat chemistry, there is a lot of buzz about Deepika-Saif's camaraderie, which was visible in their earlier film 'Love Aaj Kal'. But we'll have to wait and watch to know if this number becomes a hit amongst the youth... given that the song is a result of Deepika's sweet persuasion.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Item girl 'Yana Gupta' launches its fitness DVD

It seems that Yana has been trying to get attention through the fitness mantra. Shilpa Shetty was the first actress who launched Yoga DVD followed by Lara Dutta and Bipasha Basu. Expressing her desire to launch fitness DVD, the item girl said that it will help people to get fit in their life. When she was asked to name the most fit Bollywood actress, “I feel Bipasha is the most fit actress and Akshay Kumar tops the list as far as actors are concerned.”

Item girl 'Yana Gupta' launches its fitness DVDOn the other hand, Yana Gupta has been making waves for her raunchy item number in the forthcoming film ‘Murder2’. Well, Yana surely knows how to grab eye balls and her latest fitness DVD is also a part to add more fans and earn more.

Singh, Sharma part ways after IIFA

Anushka Sharma has apparently taken a strong decision of her life - she will not be a part of gossips related to her and Ranveer Singh from now on. The situation between the two love birds got serious at the IIFA event when Ranveer gave more importance to Sonakshi Sinha. An insider said, Ranveer and Sonakshi have become closer to each other. During the event Ranveer also had an act with Sonakshi.

Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma part ways after IIFA"The morning after the event, Anushka and Ranveer were seen yelling at each other. While Ranveer felt Anushka was ignoring him and paying more attention to Shah Rukh, Anushka fired at him for being too nice to Sonakshi. After the fight, they refused to talk to each other."

Monday, July 4, 2011

Asin and Genelia in Bol Bachchan

Rohith Shetty’s next film Bol Bachchan will star Genelia and Asin in the female lead roles. They will be romancing Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn in this movie. First it was rumored that Samantha will be making her Bollywood debut with this film. But she denied that no one approached her with the proposal.

Asin and Genelia D’Souza in Bol BachchanAsin and Genelia are the two actresses who proved their mettle in South and then moved their base to Bollywood. Genelia has a hit film Jaane Tu and Asin was a part of two blockbusters Ghajini and Ready. It will be interesting to see these damsels taking on each other in one film. Rohith Shetty is surely having an eye on South film industry as he has given Kajal Agarwal her big ticket to Bollywood with the film Singham.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Asin is nowhere in demand

Asin struck gold at the box office with the Salman Khan starrer ‘Ready’. However, it’s strange that the filmmakers seem to have ignored her. While the producers and the directors are found queuing up at Salman’s door Asin is nowhere in demand. The actress in fact has just one film in her kitty and that too signed before ‘Ready’s release. So, it appears that her Public Relations department has failed to even try spreading rumours of her doing Vishal Bharadwaj's ‘Two States’ with Shah Rukh Khan. It’s another matter that as of today, even Shah Rukh is not keen on doing ‘Two States’. So, that project is definitely hanging fire.

Asin is nowhere in demandMoreover, a leading Mumbai producer has reportedly said that he is keen to cast Asin in his film but the actress has three things going against her. One, she is demanding to be paid as much as Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, Two, there is reportedly too much interference from her close ones. Third, though she is dependable, she brings no novelty to a project. Under these circumstances, the producer is unable to make a film offer to her. Sadly, this 25-year-old actress who is competent, pretty and has a good strike rate at the box office seems to be going nowhere!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Katrina still needs Salman in times of distress!

Katrina Kaif might have spent close to eight years in the industry, but the actress still needs to work her way from problems she lands herself into. Recently, she was charged by an institutional body for non compliance regarding a certain system of work among artists in Bollywood, when Salman Khan intervened much to the relief of our dame in distress.

Katrina still needs Salman in times of distress!Kat was sent summons from FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) and a shoot of her deodorant commercial at Mehboob Studios was halted. She is yet to fill the required forms and sign up for membership.

Apparently, it is mandatory for every working actor to be registered with the organisation. A source revealed, "Some members from the body came and stopped the shoot. They wanted to know her registration number, but since she hasn`t completed the legalities, they issued her a warning and asked her to comply with the rules. A visibly upset Kat was disturbed by the entire episode."

Calls were made and it was only when Salman personally gave assurance that she would complete the registration, did they allow the shoot to continue. Dinesh Chaturvedi, President-FWICE said, "We didn`t halt the shoot, but we wanted to know why Katrina still isn`t a member of our organisation. I understand she has a busy schedule, but it doesn`t take that long to finish the formalities. Everyone from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan has registered with us."

He added, "I did get a call from Salman bhai saying that the needful will be done. I am speaking only for the benefit of the actors who aren`t registered. Since Katrina is the only big star who doesn`t have the card, we wanted to know how we could help her out."

Chaturvedi further said that the card only costs Rs 600 but has many benefits. "It gives you insurance of around two lakh, besides you can even use it during international schedules. Our organisation is working towards making life easier for the industry”, he said.

Lara Dutta : I m not pregnant

The latest buzz that hits the gossip column is that Bollywood actress Lara Dutta is pregnant. It is rumored that Lara Dutta is in the family way. But the actress vehemently denied the report saying that she is not expecting.

Lara Dutta : I m not pregnantIt was also reported that Lara has just finished the shooting of ‘Don 2’ and is working on her next production. Lara and Mahesh feel that it is the right time to start a family. It was also rumored that the couple does not want to divulge the good news now as Lara has not completed three months.

Not only Lara but the pregnancy hoax has also roped in Shilpa Shetty. Later, Shilpa clarified that she is not pregnant and it is a mere rumor. Well, this time Lara had to give clarification about the report. Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi got married on February 21, 2011.