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Katrina Kaif Back in a Bikini For 'Dostana 2'

After showing off her assets in her debut movie "Boom," sexy Katrina Kaif will return to the big screen in a banging bikini for her upcoming project "Dostana 2."

Replacing Priyanka Chopra, who shot a few sexy beach scenes herself in "Dostana" with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan.

This will be the second time Katz dons a two-piece for a movie, and we bet fans can't wait!

Popular celeb designer Manish Malhotra been chosen to create the hot beachwear so we expect something classy yet sexy.

We are not sure what Katrina's boyfriend, B-town bad boy Salman Khan, has to say about all.

This though; during a recent interview he told reporters that he likes girls 'covered up.' Well it looks like Katrina disagrees!

And so do probably all of her of fans! Do you think Katrina Kaif will look hot in a bikini in "Dostana 2?" Share your thoughts.

Ishqiya - The Review

This is a very strange film. Strange, not so much in terms of content(pretty weird, unless you really believe there are sleepy dusty towns.

In North India where boys learn to use a gun before they learn to wash their own bottoms) as in terms of the way.

The three main characters are thrown against each other in combustions that suggest a brutal bonding between the libido and the landscape.

To the cinematographer Mohana Krishna’s credit, he creates in the suburbs of Mumbai(masquerading as Gorakhpur)

A kind of sweeping lazy ambience of leisurely selfindulgence where you can smell the sweat and other bodily emissions.

Ishqiya is the kind of cinema which you can love or hate, but cannot be indifferent to. The dusty parched sexually.

And spiritually arid hinterland renders itself effectively to the character’s unique dimensionality.

The uncle-nephew pair of Naseruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi provide the kind of sweaty grimy male bonding that we last saw in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Where Brad Pitt’s anti-Nazi soldiers urinated a toxic violence into the script. Ishqiya too breeds a blur of violence from the rough material of boredom.

The two protagonists in Ishqiya represent the acme of reprehensibility. Come to think of it, there isn’t one character in the plot whom you can begin to like let alone admire. Like the Naseer-Arsha-Vidya triangle the other characters are either hazy or horny, or both. There’s a businessman who sells steel on the surface and supplies illegal arms underneath. He’s supposed to represent the clan of the corrupt in the backwaters.

So pray tell, what happened to all the glorious heroes who once formed the core of our cinematic experience? And the heroine? Vidya Balan’s Krishna is a conniving victim. And if that sounds like a contradiction in terms, it is purposefully projected into a plot that pulsates with a seedy tension and a freehwheeling virile humour .

Ishqiya is the aesthetic version of toilet graffiti. The writing on the wall is very clear. Hate these characters who live by the gun and yes, the gana(Vidya Balan often hums Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreens ands Rekha Bhardawaj’s fresh recordings under her warm sweaty breath). But we can’t but look at them as a product of an ambience that breeds deception, duplicity and a desperate craving to survive the sufferings of a senselessly violent society.

How the film finds a central core of gentleness in this milieu of murky machinations and sleazy cerebrations, is another story. Or maybe it isn’t.

Debutant director Abhishek Choubey tries to create two different worlds , one of criminality and the other of compassion, within one range of vision. It’s atall order. And there’s little time or space for the characters to stop behaving as though auditioning for a reality show on how to embrace crime in a lawless no man’s land.

Some of the sex and power play among the Vidya, Arshad and Naseer characters as played out in her manless home is intriguing and arresting in its swift shits of dramatic tension from one to the other of the three characters.

Towards the second overture of this untried symphony of antipathy the writer and director conspire to create a bizarre climactic spiral involving a shady business tycoon of the area whom our trio of protagonists decide to kidnap.

By the time the kidnapping plan goes horribly awry the narrative too loses its bearings and begins to quiver and mutate like a hovel on a stormy night.

If the film holds you until the end it’s because of the principal performances. Naseeruddin Shah confers a rock-solid tenderness to his aging criminal-lover’s role. Arshad Warsi one of the most underrated actors of our cinema, gets a rare opportunity to sink his skills into a part of raunchy randy rogue, out to get the neighbourhood widow to hit the sack.

But the film belongs to Vidya Balan. With a face and eyes that convey a determination to make her way through a rough patriarchal order Vidya is tender brittle cunning and cool, all rolled into a bundle bewildering emotions that unfold more through her body language than the script.She rises above the selfindulgent realism of the narrative.

A triumph for the actress. But what of the film? How do we evaluate Ishqiya beyond its politically-charged verbally-lurid lunge at realism? Is the film to be applauded for forging a new language of expression? Or should that language have been used with more restrain and tact ?

Frankly there are no clear and simple value-judgements to be applied to Ishqiya. It’s partly a homage to the rugged Westerns from Hollywood, and partly an attempt to penetrate the North Indian small-town hinterland where people don’t just live with violence they even enjoy it. But did this film have to follow them?

Bahu Aishwarya Rai to dance on Amitabh Bachchan’s song!

Nadiadwala has bought the rights of Amitabh Bachchan’s popular song from “Laawaris’, “Apni to jaise taise, thodi aise ya waise.

For his film “Housefull’. So Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may just get to dance to her father-in-law’s hit track.

It will be used as a promotional track for the film and will feature Akshay Kumar.

Arjun Rampal, Ritesh Deshmukh and Ash in the video. Sajid Khan is the director of the film.

According to sources, the director and the producer loved the idea of using the song and bought its rights.

They are now in talks with Aishwarya and everything should get ready within a few days. While Sajid Nadiadwala confirmed the news.

Sajid Khan didn’t want to either confirm or deny it and stated that an official announcement would be made soon.

Genelia D'Souza to endorse Garnier Light fairness cream

Genelia D'Souza has joined other contemporary Bolloywood starlets such as Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor in endorsing a fairness cream.

Genelia has been signed up as brand ambassador for Garnier Light fairness cream. Unmindful of the fact that.

A fairness cream is scientific humbug that panders to racist insecurities and attitudes. The "Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na" star tweeted her glee at clinching the new endorsement.

"A lot of u alrdy hrd bout my new brand, while 4 dos of u who dnt, i'm d new brand ambassador 4garnier: )"

Clearly the money that comes with such endorsements matters to Genelia, just as it matters to Deepika, brand ambassador of Johnson & Johnson's new fairness cream Neutrogena Fine Fairness, John Abraham.

Who endorses Garnier Men fairness cream, Sonam Kapoor, the face of L'Oreal white perfect.

And Katrina Kaif who endorses Olay's skin whitening cream. To all these corporate lap dogs our message is: We are disappointed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Katrina Kaif In Bold Bare Outlook

This for the first time in the Indian screen we will be seeing the two top hot bods.

Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra together in the ‘Dostana’ sequel. Here Katrina Kaif will be seen.

In a stimulating avatar on screen, clad in a sexy bikini outfit. Initially, in her first venture with ‘Boom’ she had appeared in bikini in 2003. But after the flow of success.

She quitted for flesh marketing in films and was in-depth with acting skills only.However.

The competition with her competitors seems to be getting tougher and she seems to shed her inhibition of insecurity by getting into fleshy act again.

Reportedly, for 'Dostana' sequel Katrina was seen clad in a bikini for two scenes, whereas the former lady of ‘Dostana’ sizzled out in gold swimsuit.

This demand for bikini wear came as per the script requirement of the movie. According to the sources report Katrina will ensemble in beachwear by the famous designer Manish Malhotra, who will design it keeping in mind her comfort level.

This ‘Dostana’ sequel seems to sizzle out much with sex appeal, evidently when there are two hot bods eventually scenes tends to get explode. Sources added, "Dostana 2 plans to take the fun quotient to another level and also have lots of sex appeal. Katrina has one of the best bodies in the industry and having her sport beach wear will be a huge attraction for the film."

Jiah Khan's gustakhi maaf!

Jiah Khan had the cast and crew of Housefull in total shock and surprise as.

She walked up to the veteran actor Randhir Kapoor and held his ears during a scene.

Randhir was evidently embarrassed.A source from the movie that has Akshay Kumar.

Deepika Padukone and Lara Dutta in the lead says, “In the movie, one funny incident after another is repeatedly happening on the sets.

Director Sajid Khan was doing a scene with Jiah and Randhir and accidentally.

Jiah ended up holding veteran actor Randhir Kapoor’s ear and got the entire crew into splits.

Jiah plays Randhir’s daughter in the film and for a particular sequence Sajid.

Told her to apologize to Randhir and hold her ears to ask for forgiveness. However, due to.

Some misunderstanding, she thought she had to hold Randhir’s ears. She walked up to him and held his ears tightly.

Everyone was shocked and embarrassed.” The insider adds, “No one knew what had got into Jiah to trigger this action until finally it was discovered that she had misunderstood the scene. Everyone on the set started laughing at her goof-up and Randhir himself was very amused by the incident.”

Arshad Warsi, Vidya Balan ISHQIYA raw, wildly unpredictable

The plot of the flick revolves around the character of two thieves played by Naseeruddin Shah (Khalujan) and Babban(Arshad Warsi). Khalujan is Babban’s uncle, but they are as different in their temperament and behavior as chalk and cheese. While, Khalujan is fed up with a gangster’s life with guns and wants to settle in his native village, Babban thinks otherwise.

Babban is young and hot blooded. He is cynical and does not value the finer things of life, like true romantic love, and believes only in physical attraction. On the other hand, Khalujan is emotional and values true love more than anything else.This difference of perception and love manifests itself clearly when they go to their friend’s place to hide from their boss.

The friend is not there and they meet his widow Krishna Verma (Vidya Balan).While Khalujan sees the gorgeous lady with an emotional eye and falls for Krishna Verma, Babban sees her physical attributes and gets attracted towards her physically and perhaps lustily.However, a twist in the story makes Khalu and Babban run for their life. What happens after that with Krishna Verma, Babban and Khalujan is revealed in the rest of the film.PERFORMANCE

Naseeruddin Shah, the veteran of bollywood who plays the character of Khalujan, enacts his part with élan. His tough looking physique and soft heartedness towards Vidya Balan presents a contrasting and most humane characteristic realistically. He is obviously pick of the lot, especially for his shocked facial expression after knowing the truth about love angle between Arshad and Vidya Balan.

Arshad Warsi, who plays the character of Babban in the film, has grabbed the chance to showcase his talent after Munnabhai MBBS’ circuit. The man looks so natural and effortless in his performance.performance. The wild and raw character has Vidya Balan in full flow, and the gorgeous actress comes out of all these with flying colors.

The child actor also leaves his imprint while interacting with Arshad Warsi in the film. Others, like the one playing Vidya’s husband, also enacted his part well. Others provided able support to the main cast of the film.

The direction of Abhishek Choubey has spark of making of a genius. Abhishek shows his mastery of the craft in the number ‘Dil To Bachcha hai ji’, where he handles the change of events with consummate ease. Even the love making sequence between Arshad and Vidya has been shot aesthetically.The movie really becomes engrossing in the second hour but it becomes somewhat confusing in the climax sequence. It could have been simpler for the hoi polloi and aam janta, but it does not mean that the director has lost his grip even once.

The music of Vishal Bhardwaj is one of the highlights of the flick. Two numbers ‘Ibn batuta’ and ‘Dil To Bchcha hai ji’ are already popular with the audiences. The cinematography by Mohan Krishna is up to the mark. Dialogues suit the rural set up and add punch to the storyline.

STARDUST VERDICT Naseeruddin Shan, Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi have done a splendid job in the film. The wild and unpredictable rawness of ‘Ishqiya’ is superb. The superb music should attract the viewers to theatres. A brilliant fare.

Priety - Tomboy of Bollywood?

Preity Zinta, 'dimple girl' of Bollywood, was stuck in Delhi's airport toilet for more than ten minutes! Luckily though, she managed to climb up and jumb over the toilet stall's wall.

Meanwhile, folks outside repeatedly called out her name. Preity tweeted in her Twitter account after the incident, that she thought she was going todie because of her claustrophobia [fear of closed spaces].

Zinta had no other option apart from jumping over the wall, as a result. The actress also quipped that being a tomboy during her youth came to her rescue!

Zinta mentions in her tweet that the public was cheering her on during her moment of glory. Now.

Whether the folks calling out for Preity were commending her courage or questioning her safety, only Zinta and her spectators can tell you!

However, the Bollywood actress did tell us that she pulled a muscle in her arm, yet provided entertainment to everyone at the same time!

Priyanka Chopra to return in Don sequel

It is confirmed. Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra is all set to reprise her role of femme fatale Roma in the sequel to Farhan Akhtar's 2006 Don.

The Chase Begins Again. Though it was always on cards that Shah Rukh Khan would feature in Don 2 which is expected to pick up from where.

The remake of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Don left, there was always mystery around the presence of the leading lady in the film.

However, Chopra, who recently won the national award for the best actress for her role in Fashion, has confirmed her presence in the sequel.

"Yes, I am doing Don 2. Ever since I worked in the first movie, I was looking forward to being on board for the sequel as well.

It would be good to be a part of Don 2 as it is an action thriller," Chopra told PTI from the US where She is currently shooting with Ranbir Kapoor for Siddharth Anand's Anjaana Anjaani.

Chopra reportedly learnt martial arts for her role of revenge thursty Roma in the film, who tries to woo Don, played by Shah Rukh, to avenge the death of her sister.

Her recent release Pyaar Impossible may have failed to take off at the box office but the 27-year-old actress is looking forward to an eventful year ahead. She is busy wrapping up Anjaana Anjaani and will begin shooting for Vishal Bharadwaj's next film after Kamine.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zarine Khan replaces Katrina Kaif

After making a not so dream debut Zarine Khan seems to have struck gold. Her resemblance to Katrina Kaif seems to be working.

In her favour and if grapevine is to be believed she has replaced Katrina from the sequel of the 2007 hit Partner. The David Dhawan directed movie stared Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Govinda and Lara Dutta.

Zarine Khan remains tight lipped about the project and says it is to early for her to disclose anything. Even film's director David Dhawan says.

It is too early to talk about the cast of the movie which is expected to start shooting this year. Well, Zarine Khan will be on Cloud Nine and why not as not every body double gets a leading role in Bollywood.

Abhi-Ash back in Filmistan after 11 years!

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan got nostalgic while filming an ad with wife Aishwarya Rai at Filmistan Studios.

The same location where they gave their first shot together 11 years ago when they were mere acquaintances

"It was here on the very same floor 11 years ago that we gave our first ever shot together. The movie was 'Dhai Akshar Prem Ke'. Great memories," Abhishek posted on his Twitter page.

"Then, I would have never dreamt that the next time we shoot here would be as husband and wife. How time flies, how lives change," he added.

Produced by actor Dino Morea, the ad film was shot Tuesday by filmmaker Tarun Mansukhani who directed Abhishek in the hit film "Dostana".

"Shooting an ad with the Mrs (Aishwarya). My friend Tarun directing. Great to step in front of his camera again. He's great. And we're all set! The wife is looking her usual stunning self, and me....... Well, I'm looking like Shrek's cousin," he joked.

Shilpa Shetty signs on Nagesh Kukunoor

Shilpa Shetty's long-in-the-pipeline film production plans are finally rolling. The actress has inked a deal with Nagesh Kukunoor to direct a film for her production house.

Kukunoor was among the B-Town folk who had attended Shilpa's wedding reception in November.

Though the actress is busy with her Indian Premier League pursuits, she is also keen that S2 Global Productions gets going.

Several names tossed up Ever since she returned from her honeymoon, she and hubby Raj Kundra have been chalking out.

Their filmmaking blueprints. Several directors' names were tossed, but Shilpa was keen on Nagesh.

A source close to Shilpa confirms, "Yes, she has signed him." When asked why Nagesh (who is known more for his socially relevant subjects)

The source adds, "His project with Shilpa is not a serious subject but a beautiful love story. She feels that he is the right choice with the sensibilities needed for the project."

Though Kukunoor directed critically acclaimed movies like Hyderabad Blues and Iqbal, of lat,e the director has had a rough patch. His Akshay Kumar-starrer 8x10 Tasveer and the Shreyas Talpade comedy Bombay To Bangkok proved to be damp squibs.

While his John Abraham-starrer Aashayein is waiting to see the light of day though it was completed two years ago. There is also Yeh Hausla with Sameera Reddy and Karan Nath. The source continues, Shilpa feels her project will put Nagesh back in the reckoning despite his bad spell at the BO lately."Apparently, Shilpa has decided not to act in her production.

She hopes to rope in some leading B-Town stars, some of whom she knows personally well. When the actress launched her production house, she was keen on making a film to relaunch her sister Shamita. But the source points out, "At the moment, no decision has been made about the casting."

Rambha got engagement

Glamorous Bollywood and South Indian actress Rambha got engaged to Canada based businessman Indran on Jan 27th in Chennai

Rambha was the brand ambassador of Indran’s company Magic Woods.Indran presented Rambha with a brand new BMW car o express his love.

According to sources the marriage of Rambha will be held on March 27, 2010 in Tirupathi.

The engagement was held at Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai. The event was attended by Rambha’s close relatives and film stars.

Rambha’s first name was Amritha but later changed to Rambha. She has acted in more than 100 films including bollywood.She has acted in more than 100 films including bollywood.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Katrina Kaif parties with Shahrukh

Salman Khan is yet to find the reason why his epic movie Veer bombed at the boxes Office but his lady love Katrina Kaif seems to be in a party mood.

A website claimed that the the actress and King Khan recently arrived together for Arjun Rampal's bash. The website added.

That although the two arrived in their respective cars they we seen hanging together.Katrina Kaif tried her best to avoid.

The shutterbugs and quickly slipped into the building. Farah Khan surprised everyone with her presence.

As off late She has been avoiding events where Shahrukh Khan is present. The once famous friends in.

Bollywood have been sharing cold vibes ever since Shahrukh was replaced with Akshay Kumar in Tees Maar Khan.

Priyanka Chopra’s hunger grows

A National Award is a great recognition by a country and after having bagged one for ‘Best Actress’ in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion’, Priyanka Chopra is over the moon.

But, success and passion are insatiable and one should never get complacent. Looks like our Piggy Chops knows this formula well.

And hence, feels that her best shot is yet to come.“I’m really excited about winning the national award.

The whole credit goes to my director Madhur Bhandarkar who showed immense faith in me. Though this award has given me immense satisfaction.

But I want to add that my best is yet to come,” a delighted Priyanka comments from New York where she’s busy shooting for.

‘Anjaana Anjaani.’Now, though her ever-growing fans will be beaming to hear such encouraging words from the gal’s lips; Priyanka’s rivals like Katrina, Kareena and the likes must be wondering if they would ever get on par with Priyanka………..means, if they will ever get a National Award………Katty can pin her hopes on ‘Rajneeti’ (literally as well as figuratively)……..and for Kareena……..let’s hope…… Aal iz well…….

Kareena Kapoor roped in for Madhur Bhandarkar’s next

If all goes well, Kareena Kapoor will soon emerge as a strong contender to win the National Award. The stunning lass.

Who has been vying to work with acclaimed director Madhur Bhandarkar for long now has finally caught the taskmaster’s attentio.

And will be seen in a film by the maverick filmmaker. And it’s all owing to Kareena’s desire to bag the prestigious National Award.

Considering that there are so many random awards of late, the only award that is considered prestigious is the National Film Awards.

And Madhur takes the lead in this category. So it’s no wonder that after Priyanka walked away with the award for her act in ‘Fashion’, Bebo had been desperate to work with Madhur.

And Madhur is much too pleased to oblige the sizzler’s request. Confirming the story a source told a daily, "Madhur is planning to direct a hard-sitting social film for which he wants Kareena.

She has been offered Madhur`s film. It`s a fantastic, heroine-oriented script and she is meeting him for a narration. Bebo is very excited to be working with him. They have both been keen on working together for a long time.

Madhur had approached her for Page 3 (Konkana`s role) and for Fashion (Priyanka`s role) but her dates didn`t work out.” Talking about the director, Kareena said, "Madhur is any actress`s dream director. He can extract the best performances from anybody."

Kat to romance Hrithik now!

Katrina Kaif is selecting her roles with utmost care. Her projects in 2010 are apparently handpicked to enhance her reputation as an actor.

Among her films is the upcoming Zoya Akthar road movie set in Spain with Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol and Hrithik Roshan.

Surprising, because with three actors in the project, it would seem theres little space for a female lead. But Zoyas yet untitled film casts.

Katrina with Hrithik Roshan for the first time ever, and Katrinas part is said to be something she has never played before .

Though Katrina is unwilling to reveal some potentially explosive chemistry with Hrithik, Farhan Akhtar.

Who is himself on the verge of being seen with an exciting new star, speaks guardedly about the subject.

Its too early to talk about it, but yes, if Katrina does come into our project, she will be cast opposite Hrithik. He is the only one who gets to romance his love interest.

Abhay and I have no love interest in the film. Farhan adds that the bonding among the three costars is the backbone of Zoyas film.

Katrina has never worked with a woman director before, and neither has she worked with Hrithik. Shooting for the film starts in April.

Ranbir, Katrina will win National Awards for Raajneeti - Prakash Jha

"This film will take Ranbir to another level," said Jha. He has cast the actor as US-educated scion of a political dynasty who has to reluctantly return home to shoulder his family's duties.

"I hope, no, I'm in fact pretty certain, he'll win the National Award for his performance," Jha told us. "Katrina has breathed fire and passion into her role.

From the way she metamorphoses from a young vivacious girl to the way she walks to give her public speeches as a politician.

Audiences won't be able to believe the transformation of Katrina. I won't be surprised if both Ranbir and Katrina win National Awards," he added.

He can't stop preening over the fact that his 'Raajneeti' features the maximum number of National Award winners in its cast, Arjun Rampal being the latest.

"Everyone is outstanding in the film. And why not? I've a line-up of National Award winners in the cast - from Naseeruddin Shah and Nana Patekar to Manoj Bajpai and Ajay Devgn.

"When I heard Arjun had won the National Award for 'Rock On!', I was ecstatic. He is fantastic in my film." Jha claims 'Raajneeti' is the biggest multi-starrer. "I think it'd be impossible to get so many stars under one roof for any other director."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shah Rukh on moon now!

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has transcended his popularity on earth and is literally over the moon with a lunar crater named after him by the International Lunar Geographic Society.

According to the official website of the Society, the decision to rename the crater, earlier known as Arago B, after the famed actor came following overwhelming petitions from his passionate fans in India and around the world.

The crater is located on the Moon's Mare Tranquillitatis ("Sea of Tranquility) district and was given the designation as the Crater S.R. Khan on Shah Rukh's 44th birthday, Nov 2 last year.

It is located at 3.4� North (latitude) and 20.8� East (longitude) on the so-called Earthside of the Moon and measures approximately seven kilometres in diameter. The official designation of a Lunar crater is a singular honour bestowed upon.

Only a select few luminaries like Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Sir Isaac Newton, Julius Caesar and Jules Verne. The International Lunar Geographic Society, previously known as the Lunar Republic Society, is the world's largest group advocating privatised exploration, settlement and development of Earth's moon Luna.

Katrina Kaif marriage in 2012, will Salman wait

Katrina Kaif has revealed that she will marry in 2012, will her beau Salman Khan will wait till 2012. Katrina Kaif is 25 years old and Salman Khan is already crossed 40s. Katrina Kaif is younger by 20 years from Salman Khan.

Also in an remark on the sets of Dance reality show while promoting Veer movie, Salman Khan said that he promised to his father to get married in current year 2010.

So will Salman Khan will get married in 2010 as per his promise to his father or will wait till 2012.Katrina Kaif has also mentioned that she will stay in her husband home after having a traditional marriage.

Preference for traditional marriage gives good chances for Salman Khan as both Katrina and Salman are muslim.

Earlier Salman on speaking for type of her groom has mentioned that she shall be good housewife. Seems choices of both Salman Khan and Katrina matches for married life.

It was also repeated in media that Katrina Kaif parents were in Mumbai recently and Salman Khan arranged for a special screening for Katrina's parents. However Salman denied any such news.

When Katrina Kaif was hospitalised recently, Salman's mom took care of her. Katrina along with Salman sisteralso visited Ajmer Dargah before the relases of Veer to wish for success of movie. Usually Katrina does the same before the release of her every bollywood movie.

So there are every reason for Katrina Salman marriage, however 2012, years set for marriage by Katrina doesnt approve the same.Katrina Kaif upcoming movies in 2010 Tees Maar Khan, Rockstar and Dostana 2 will get good performance as Kat said she will give best to her movies till she is in bollywood.

A desh bakht Amrita

Republic Day is here… and here’s a hottie who very concerned about the way this patriotic day is celebrated these days.

Amrita Rao is quite unhappy that although we Indians are on par with other developing countries of world, somewhere we have lost the passion for patriotism.

“For us our daily needs and the craze for success has become our priority and celebrating the important days of 15th August and 26th January are just a formality,” stated the actress.

While people living in remote areas of India are not interested in Constitution and its articles, the urbanites pass the day as just another national holiday, feels Amrita.

She added that although Republic Day is celebrated every year one forgets about its significance the very next day.

Amrita also shared her views on today’s politicians, democracy and developments of India.

“We are seeing a developing India in metros and big cities and not the real India, which reside.

In the villages,” stated Rao, “Poverty, unemployment, illiteracy are the common problems faced by the people in far-flung areas. If people are not literate then how can they possibly understand the importance of democracy? Not only our political leaders.

It is our duty as well to turn India into a prosperous nation, only then would the hard work of Ambedkar and his Constituent Assembly show positive results.” On Republic Day, Amrita is planning to watch the parade on the big screen or may fly to New Delhi for it. We wish her and our readers a very Happy Republic Day! Jai Hind!

Mallika Sherawat’s transparent bikini angers brother

Mallika Sherawat can comfortably slip into most outrageous and revealing dresses as was quite evident at the premiere of ‘Inglourious Basterds’ in Hollywood last year.

But the bikini she donned for the shoot of a sequence in director Jennifer Lynch’s movie Hissss left so little to imagination that her brother barged onto the movie’s sets in Madh Island and stopped the shoot midway.

If reports are to be believed, Mallika was wearing a semi-transparent skin-coloured bikini that gave the impression of total nudity.

Also present at the shoot was a nude body-double for Mallika.Apparently, what Jennifer wanted was to shoot Mallika’s face and take shots of the nude body double and then merge them together on the editing table

However, Mallika’s brother Vikram Lamba, who is also one of the producers of the film, didn’t approve of his sister wearing such.

A revealing bikini and reportedly stopped the shoot, demanding that Mallika be given a better dress.A heated argument followed between Vikram and Govind Menon, another co-producer. Surprisingly, Mallika sided with Menon and said she had no problem wearing the translucent bikini.But it was Vikram who eventually had his way and Mallika was given a skin-coloured bodysuit. Mallika plays a snakewoman in the film.

Sonam to act with Akki in Thank You

If you thought Sonam Kapoor was taking it too easy in tinsel town, then think again. She currently has her home production.

Aisha's shooting going according to plan and is also shooting for Karan Johar's production I Hate Love Stories with Imran Khan.

And the young actress has more in her kitty. She has bagged another big project and this time it is with Akshay 'Khiladi' Kumar.

The couple has been signed on for Aneez Bazmi's UTV production and promising venture Thank You. The romantic comedy will be her first film with Akshay.

Who has already done a lot of films with his 'lucky charm' and Bollywood's reigning queen Katrina Kaif. We will have to wait and see whether Sonam can match Katrina's footsteps and give Akshay the muchneeded hit film.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shahrukh bats for Pakistani players in IPL

The team owners of the India Premier League (IPL) have so far stood together on the issue of not bidding for any Pakistani players in the third edition of the event.

They had come out in the media denying any foul play. But now a prominent voice among them has stood up and voiced his opposition to the issue. It is none other than the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan who owns the Kolkata Knight Riders.

In an interview to a leading news channel Shahrukh Khan said "They are the champions.

They are wonderful but somewhere down the line there is an issue and we can't deny it. We are known to invite everyone. We should have. If there were any issues, they should have been put on board earlier. Everything can happen respectfully,"

It may be recalled that Shahrukh Khan who had taken active part in the bidding of the players in the first season had shown keen interest in Pakistani players. He had roped in Umar Gul and maverick Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar in the first season. Shahrukh's statement is bound to add to the controversy especially after fellow Bollywood celebrities Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty having gone out in full support of the fairness of the bidding process.

I don't wear burqa after marriage - Ayesha Takia

Was Ayesha Takia spotted in a burqa after marriage? Have her in-laws clamped down on her freedom to act in films? These are the rumours that one hears in the film industry.

Ayesha Takia is more amused than exasperated by attempts to put her into the retired-actress' bracket after marriage. The word being spread is that Ayesha has married into an ultra-conservative family where acting is perhaps not permitted.

“I'm amazed at the games people play. The other day someone asked me if I've started wearing a burqa after marriage, ” laughs Ayesha. “Far from feeling clamped I now have the freedom to do more things than before. My parents-in-law are cool about my business ventures with my husband and my film career.”

“And that's so ridiculous, ” says Ayesha with a laugh. “Farhan and I went around together for five years before marriage. So there goes the convervative card. Suddenly after we make it official I hear all kind of rumours including the fact that I'm out of Revathy Varmha's film and that I've been replaced by some other actress.

Says Ayesha, “I've never felt the need to grab roles.I've got what I wanted. And it will continue that way. I always felt Wanted would be the first big hit of my career. Ironical that it should come now after my marriage. And I've got more to do in it than the leading lady in a Salman vehicle would be expected to. In fact I was blown away by the way I was presented. And why should I give up a dream role like the one in Revathy's film? She's new to the Mumbai industry and quite nervous about these controversies.” Revathy Varhma and Ayesha's mother are very close friends. “Revathy comes home regularly. We all laugh at the way the casting is being questioned by people who probably have nothing better to do.”

Ayesha now intends to focus on new business venture. “I started working in films when I was only 15. And I just realized I've been at it since then. I need to venture out. It's time to try out new things in life. Today a young woman has so many opportunities to do so many things. I'm fortunate to have a name and a face that's recognizable. I want to use that to my advantage and start a clothes line by the middle of next year.” Ayesha, her mom and sister Natasha are going to be partners in the garment business. Laughs Ayesha, “All three of us are very excited about doing the clothes line. We love fashion It's basically for the girls in the family.” Ayesha's husband Farhan will be there to help his wife and her family with the clothes line. “Yes, Farhan's there to help us women in every way possible.” Marriage hasn't changed Ayesha. “I'm the same. I always will be. Post-marriage I'm exactly the same. That could be because I was seeing Farhan from long before. Psychologically we were married long before. It feels like we were serious about each other forever.”

Priyanka Chopra wins National award

Bollywood had something to cheer about when the 56th National Film Award for 2008 were announced on Saturday. Priyanka Chopra won the coveted Best Actor (Female) award for her performance in director Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Fashion.

Kangana Ranaut won the Best Supporting Actor (Female) award for the same film while Arjun Rampal won Best Supporting Actor (Male) for his seething performance in Rock On.

It’s the first National Award for all of them. Dibakar Banerjee's film Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, which sadly released a day after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and flopped, won the Best Popular Film.

New year a busy one for Vidya

Sanjay Leela Bhansali had announced Chenab Gandhi right after his Saawariya debacle. With a cast including Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan, the film held promise. But it hasn't taken off yet.

The initial problem was the film's hero. Though the first choice was John Abraham, Bhansali later chose Harman Baweja for the role.

And now, we hear the lead actor is Rajeev Khandelwal. That's not all. Vidya, who was very excited about the project, is not willing to wait forever. Rumours are that she has quit the film.

And Asin, who doesn't have any film on hand, has been approached for the role. Vidya recently signed on director Rajkumar Gupta's film No One Killed Jessica based on the Jessica Lall murder case.

She plays Jessica's sister Sabrina Lall in the movie, which is expected to release by December. Post the success of Paa and the hype around Ishqiya , Vidya is all set to do two more films this year.

I'll get married in 2012 - Katrina

Call it an ultimatum or whatever but Katrina Kaif is certain she will get married in 2012. And since that’s just two years from now, she is all set to have the time of her life in films.

That also explains her choices, which currently consist of Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan.

Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar and Tarun Mansukhani’s Dostana 2, which should take care of this year.

It also means she has stopped looking for another home. “I’ll get married and go to my husband’s home,” she says fluttering her eyelashes.

“Why put in so much money into a new home when I have a perfectly comfortable one at the moment?”

Whether the 2012 groom will be Salman Khan or someone she still has to meet, or whether.

It will even be another actor, is something she refuses to comment on.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Katrina Kaif vying to bag a National Award for Rajneeti

Katrina Kaif has big hopes pinned on her next flick Rajneeti. Not only is the stunner counting.

On the film to break free from her onscreen arm candy image but is also vying to bag the prestigious National Award for her off-beat role in Prakasj Jha’s political caper. So much so is Katrina obsessed with bagging.

The award that she is often heard stating that winning the trophy would “mean the world to her”.

Even though Katrina is the sole female protagonist in the movie, she isn’t taking the role lightly.

Confirming a news daily, a source was quoted as saying, “Katrina is very keen on winning a National Award.

She doesn’t seem to hanker after the rest of the awards, but yes, on the sets she often mentioned that winning the National Award would mean the world to her.” What’s more is that the actress has asked filmmaker Prakash Jha to try and give her a couple of dramatic scenes with the twice National Award-winning actor Ajay Devgan. As for Katrina on her role she says, “The script of the film is exactly as it was. And I certainly don’t think I’m winning the National Award.” Well we hope Katrina makes a national impact with her ‘Rajneeti’.


After being fortunate enough to star with the two Khans Salman and Aamir, Asin talks about the three Khans in Bollywood.

Speaking about it, she said, “Aamir is very focused, Salman has a cool attitude and Shah Rukh, from what I have seen of him, seems to be very charming. The lady says that she is not in hurry to star in too many films.

According to Asin, she is choosing only films that have a good role for her. The lady also declared.

That she would come up with an announcement about her new film but it may take some time.

Genelia - Ranbir endorse Virgin Mobile

Ranbir Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza have roped in as the brand ambassadors of Virgin Mobile. Although, the lovely pair have never shared the screen space for a bolly-flick; but Gen-RK are excited about this new venture.

Exclaims Genelia on her twitter account, “Ranbir and I are the new brand ambassadors for ‘Virgin Mobile and I’m really excited to work with him.” Although, Genelia and Ranbir have been entertaining their fans with their respective movies.

But Genelia’s spark and RK’s charm respectively is loved by public which make them an apt choice for promoting this cellular company. And who knows, filmmakers might find an interesting on-screen pair in them and soon Gen-RK team up for a film.

Wet holi scene for Aishwarya

Even Bollywood doesn’t pass up a chance to underline how socially responsible it is.

Recently, Vipul Shah was to shoot Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s entry sequence for Action Replay, which is a holi song.

He had visualised the song as an exotic affair with lots of water and colour in every frame.

In fact, Vipul had prepared visuals of the song with a specialised camera. But the preparations were later called off.

When the filmmaker realised they should not waste so much water, given that the city was facing a water crisis.

Vipul Shah was very forthcoming about his change of heart. “Yes it is true that we are not going ahead with the earlier planned water sequence in the holi song as we would have used at least 70-80 tankers of water for the three day shoot. It is an elaborate song with 500 extras and 150 dancers involved.

I was very excited about it but then realised the magnitude of the water scarcity the city is facing. Aishwarya also opined that we should not go ahead with the plan. Both of us were on the same page on this. We have now decided to shoot it in a different way. The entire visual of the song has been reworked - it will still be a holi song but without water. It will be completely dry.”

Rani Mukherjee to work outside Yash Raj camp!

Bollywood actress Rani Mukharjee, who has been working with Yash Raj Films for a long The pressure of.

The last three continuous flops Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and Dil Bole Hadippa with YRF probably compelled her to take such decision.

Rumors are there that Rani has recently signed in a UTV project named ‘No One Killed Jessica’ with co star Bidya Balan.

The movie is expected to go on the floors by middle of the next month under the direction of Rajkumar Gupta, who directed ‘Aamir’ earlier.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jab Ranbir's ex-flame Deepika Padukone met Katrina Kaif!

It was a clash of titans when Ranbir Kapoor’s ex-flame Deepika Padukone and his current love interest Katrina Kaif bumped into each other accidentally. News has it that both the stars met each other at a shoot and exchanged cold vibes before Katrina walked out, skipping some real action had the beauty prolonged her stay at the venue.

Talking to a news daily about Deepika’s magazine photo shoot at the Mehboob Studio, an eyewitness said “Deepika had come with Farhan Akhtar for her photo shoot. Somewhere around late afternoon, Deepika was giving her solo shots in the garden area of the studio.

While Deepika was doing her last minute touch-up, there was pin drop silence and all eyes swivelled to the entrance. It was Katrina Kaif, who had accidentally walked in, thinking it was the venue where she was called for her shoot.”

“Dressed in a short white skirt and a pink tee, Katrina walked in and froze for a second. Deepika, who was standing some distance away, saw her. Both had a few seconds of eye contact, and Katrina immediately took a U-turn and walked away,” said the eyewitness.

Meanwhile, a close source maintained, “Although Ranbir and Deepika are not seeing each other any more, the latter still has issues with Katrina. It was the growing friendship between Katrina and Ranbir which marked an end to her relationship.” Incidentally, both Katrina and Deepika were unavailable for any comments. Well, sometimes silence speaks!

Freida Pinto insults Shilpa Shetty, refuses to pose with her

It seems like Freida Pinto's Hollywood hangover is far from over. Surprisingly the archetypal Mumbai girl during her visit.

At a recent launch of an international brand's luxury store was seen giving a cold snub to all the Bollywood hotties present.

It was a high profile event and the shutterbugs were busy clicking the ladies as they moved around. Freida kept her distance from the Bollywood starlets.

According to a tabloid, when a photographer requested Freida to pose with Shilpa for a picture, she flatly refused to oblige.

Nevertheless, the girl was seen posing together with other actresses, as Lara Dutta, Malaika Arora, Dia Mirza, Sameera Reddy and many others were present.

At the launch. But next to her was Genelia D'Souza, not Shilpa. Confirming the news.

A source said, "It was evident that Freida wasn't too comfortable with the attention she was getting.

There was a conscious attempt on her part to not be clicked with the B-town actresses. When asked to pose with Shilpa, she just turned it down and moved the other way."

When Shilpa was asked about the incident, she said, "Who is Freida? I don't know about her throwing a tantrum but as far as I know nobody asked me to take a photo with her. I was asked to do one with the entire group and I did that. I have no problems posing with anybody." However Freida did pose with Genelia and Heroes' star Sendhil Ramamurthy, at the event.

Now SRK tweets for women hockey

Bollywood megaster Shahrukh Khan, who played a non-nonsense women hockey coach.

In the film Chak De! India, is saddened by the plight of women players of the sport in real life.

"Films reflect reality and how it will be good in the end. But real life is so tough. Happy endings are a rarity," tweeted Khan in one of his latest posts reacting to the protest by the women hockey players.

The Bollywood actor, who earlier came out in support of the men's hockey team that boycotted practice session ahead of.

World Cup owing to non payment of dues, spoke his mind in favour of the women's team that revolted on similar ground.

"Though Chak De will be good for revival of hockey. Reading the plight of women's team, should think on ways of survival of hockey. All of us, " he wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter.

SRK said there is no respect for India's sporting heroes and went on to name Sunil Gavaskar, Aslam Sher Khan, Dhanraj Pillai, Sachin Tendulkar, Viswanathan Anand, PT Usha, Abhinav Bindra and Pargat Singh.

Aamir Khan signs mega endorsement with Etisalat

Aamir Khan is on a roll. After the runaway success of 3 Idiots, news is out that Bollywood superstar has signed up.

As the brand ambassador of UAE's Etisalat, India's latest telecom entrant. The deal was reportedly inked before the release of 3i at Rs 30-35 crore for a period of 3 years. Etisalat will follow Aamir's other endorsements - Coca Cola, Tata Sky and Samsung.

Etisalat has been the telecommunications service provider. In the UAE since 1976, while Etisalat DB Telecom India, previously.

Called Swan Telecom, is a new telco set up jointly by Etisalat and DB Realty, headquartered at Mumbai.

Veer Movie review - Salman Khan looks awesome in new avatar

Gadar fame Anil Sharma's latest venture 'Veer' starring Bollywood Machoman Salman Khan is all set to hit the theaters on Friday.

Beautiful model Zarine Khan is making her Bollywood debut with 'Veer'.

Zarine has already hogged limelight for her similar look with Salman's girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

The Bollywood "Wanted" boy has been returning to period drama, which is based on Nikolai Gogol's book, 'Taras Bulba'.

Interestingly, the story has been written by Salman Khan himself some 20-year-ago. The film has been completed at a huge budget of Rs 44 crore (Approx).

Movie review: The story of the film 'Veer' is based on a love story between Pindari soldier and Rajasthani Princess in the backdrop of war of independence.

Salman plays a character of brave Pindari soldier named Veer. The Pindari community prefers death over dishonour and fights till last breath. Zarine, who looks a like Katrina, plays the role of princess Yashodhara, who falls in love with Veer. The movie starts with the colonial India of British rule. The Kings of India fall prey to Britishers' divide and rule policy. But there is a community, who proffered death to save the independence.

Set in colonial India, the film encapsulates a period when the British enslaved India with their divide and rule policy and kings and nawabs fell for it, except for the Pindaris who preferred death to dishonour and fought till their last breath. Salman plays one of the bravest and strongest Pindari soldiers named Veer.

As Veer takes on the might of the British Empire, he also has to fight the conniving King of Madavgarh as well as his own jealous tribesmen. The stakes are high as he has to avenge his father's dishonour as well as get over the hurdles in love as he romances princess Yashodhara, the daughter of his sworn enemy. Shot extensively in Rajasthan, it is a story of bravery, treachery and love.

Also shot in Britain, it is also the first Bollywood film to be shot in the premises of Buckingham Palace. Despite having the facility of special effects, the film also boasts of using thousands of real horses and other animals for authenticity.

You must watch Veer for to know at what cost Salman fight, at stake is his love for princess Yashodhara, daughter of his sworn enemy or at stake is his thirst to avenge his father's dishonour The movie is all set to beat the records of Salman's last blockbuster Wanted. Salman looks awesome in a role of Pindari soldier while Zarine also proved her worth in the movie.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Katrina to romance two gay men

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is all set to romance two gay men.

Well, Katrina is not going wild in her life but she will be doing this in her upcoming movie.

Katrina will be starring opposite two gay men Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham in the sequel to Dostana.

Tarun Mansukhani has roped in Katrina to play the lead role in the movie replacing Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka who played the lead in Dostana will be doing a cameo in the movie which is expected to start shooting soon.

Priyanka will enter the film on the ‘Desi Girl’ track and when all the boys in the club turn to look..

At her Katrina does a dance, vying for their attention. Well let's hope Katrina has a good time with Abhishek and John in the movie.

Was Aishwarya Rai labeled an aunty by Sonam Kapoor?

None can forget the stir created in the media world when Sonam Kapoor had uttered something about.

The most beautiful woman in the world, Aishwarya Rai. Both the actresses endorse different products of the cosmetic brand L’Oreal.

The incident angered Aishwarya Rai very much and L’Oreal decided to keep Sonam at a distance from Ash.

Sonam was even kept back from attending the Cannes Film Festival.

An international event graced by L’Oreal beauties from round the globe. One thing that hurt.

Sonam was the fact that she had never labeled Ash an aunty yet everyone was holding her responsible for saying such rude things about Ash.

Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi's chemistry

Ever since the promo of Ishqiya aired on air, its raking tremendous response and the on-screen chemistry between the actors has become the talk of the town. A well-known off screen chemistry between Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan has transformed beautifully on the screen which is quite evident from the Ishqiya promo.

Talking about their off-screen chemistry the funny man Arshad informs, “Vidya is a lovely human being, very warm and nice.” Arshad narrates an incident. “While we were shooting in Wai I would leave in the night to have dinner with my kids and come back by morning.

So, my driver would drive in full speed so that I could be on time on the sets. However, Vidya would be scared of all this and would put ash-tilak on my forehead before I would leave for dinner.” Arshad also fondly adds, “She is an amazing actress. A good human being in Vidya appeals first for me and then the beautiful actress in her which comes as a combo in the end.” Ishqiya is slated to release on 29 January, 2010.

Amitabh Bachchan drafted in for new Asian channel

A new Asian entertainment channel endorsed by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan is due to come to the UK and US.

‘Colors’ will be the first branded channel by Mumbai-based Viacom 18 Network. The company is an equally owned joint venture between America’s Viacom Inc and India’s Network 18.

It also runs other networks in India including MTV, Nick, VH1 and Studio18. Colors was launched in India in July 2008 and will soon come to western markets, its owners confirmed this week.

Naming Bachchan as brand ambassador is part of its profiling-raising strategy for British and American markets.

The actor said: “My association with COLORS began with Bigg Boss Season 3. … I am sure Colors.

With its myriad hues of entertainment, will spread its magic in the US & UK as it did in India.” The channel offers a range of content, from Bollywood films to Hindi soaps. No date has been set to start broadcasting in the UK yet.

Zarine Khan The Clone of Katrina Kaif

Zarine Khan the co-star of Veer movie with Salman Khan is said to be a total clone of Katrina Kaif.

We had a look at that new “aspiring” star and compared her to Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif.

From a distance away, we can believe that Zarine Khan looks like Katrina Kaif. But then on a closer look.

We notice that this new girl is completely different. If we have to share our opinion, then of course Katrina Kaif is much better to look at. At least “pa coment dir p pete!”

Well it is said that Katrina Kaif relationship with Salman Khan is broken and poor Sallu (Salopar!) is trying to find clones of Katrina in other girls.

In response to that, Katrina said “if Salman misses me and wants to work with girls who look like me that is so sweet!“

On the other side Bollywood gossipers are saying that Zarine Khan is doing all she can to impress Salman Khan.

Well our analysis shows that Zarine Khan will be the next star of Bollywood. You know why!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Katrina gets cosy with beau

They don't talk about much about it but Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are always in the news regarding.

The status of their relationship, with all and sundry speculating on whether the couple has split or not. But recently, Kat put all break-up rumours to rest.

When the two were seen together at two award functions backstage, talking, whispering sweet nothings, eating together and even seeing each other off.

Guess Katrina is going all out to make sure Salman stays in news, considering his dream project Veer is about to hit theatres soon.

Madhuri Dixit Chosen Over Aishwarya Rai!

In the ever growing popularity of the reality show in India, this time two icons of.

Bollywood were chosen Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for the ‘Dance Premier League’ judge position.

But eventually things turned out in the favor of Madhuri. Though Madhuri had previously made many appearances.

As a judge in numbers of reality shows, it is like adding another crown to her stride. According to sources.

“Madhuri and Aishwarya were both being considered to be the judge for one of the teams.

Aishwarya lost out to Madhuri as she quoted an exorbitant amount of money. The makers of the show couldn’t afford her.

And the scales tipped in Madhuri’s favour as she had demanded an affordable price. But the manager of Madhuri, Riku Rakesh Nath revealed,“The discussion is still on.”

Danish Khan, VP Marketing of the channel has a different story to tell, he added, “Yes, Madhuri has been chosen to represent one of the teams.”

He refused to comment on the reason why Aishwarya lost out to Madhuri and said, “I don’t want to talk abut the money involved but Madhuri is definitely on board for Dance Premier League.”

But it is confirm that Madhuri is the winner, the source added, “Madhuri was far more affordable is the reason why Aishwarya lost out on the show.” Aishwarya, who has bundle of good projects than Madhuri, may not feel it to be a big loss.

Sonam Kapoor turns publicist

Sonam Kapoor can be a good Public Relations Officer. It seems she is getting a hands-on experience of the field through social networking sites.

On her account, she has been flaunting the accolades her father Anil Kapoor has been receiving for his debut on US television.

After Slumdog Millionaire, Anil Kapoor has been featured.

On US television with a two-hour season premier of the hugely popular drama series ‘24’.

He has a huge fan-following in US who are very impressed with his performance.

But unfortunately are finding it difficult to get in touch with the star.

So to express their love towards Anil Kapoor and his work, they are posting their comments on his daughter Sonam Kapoor’s social networking account.

Being excited with her father’s popularity, Sonam enthusiastically posts the comments.

Where Anil Kapoor fans call him charming and claim to see the series just for him. Sonam wants her friends and followers to read what Anil Kapoor fans feel about him. Now that’s called a smart PR and we won’t be surprised if she soon gets her father on social networking site too!

Asin replaces Vidya Balan

The constant postponement of the film Chenab Gandhi being produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and directed by Vibhu Puri, has led to the actors being in a constant stage of doubt on whether the film will ever take place. And now the latest casualty is said to be Vidya Balan who has moved out of the project.

It was Harman Baweja who had to go out of the film first because the dates clashed and he was replaced by John Abraham in the film. And now we hear that Vidya has moved on from the project and may find herself replaced by Asin who has been making waves in Bollywood. We are still wondering what the reason for the postponement of the shootings is and would like to know it as much as the stars who are playing musical chairs in the film.

Salman lashes out after comparison with Pitt

Salman Khan lost his cool after being told that his look in Veer seemed to be a rip-off from Brad Pitt's image in the Hollywood epic Troy.

The incident took place at a press conference in New Delhi, to promote Salman's upcoming film Veer.

Salman launched an angry outburst at the journalist who asked him about his look in the movie.

"From what angle do you think my look is similar to any Hollywood actor's?" Salman thundered.

"Brad Pitt, for example, was wearing a mini-skirt in his film but I'm not. And does my hair in the posters look blonde to you (like Pitt's)?

Plus, I am wearing an allleather ensemble in Veer." Salman said he had sported blonde hair.

In Sooryavanshi, a dud flick he made in 1992. "So should I accuse Pitt of stealing my style in Troy?" he fumed.

That's not all. "And that other guy - what's his name - Russell Crowe, had long hair in Gladiator and I also have long hair in Veer. All this talk about similar looks is rubbish. A period war movie can't be with the hero wearing T-shirts and jeans, or a ghagracholi," he went on. He even told the reporter who had asked him the question that he (the scribe) would have looked great in a ghagra-choli with a gold chain on his waist.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aishwarya Rai In A Dilemma !

This incident took place when Aishwarya Rai in a film shootout for Mani Ratnam's film.

‘Ravan’, got caught with the forest authorities for trespassing on forest property without permission.

Maharashtra government slapped cases against 14 members of the film's crew on the charge of trespassing on forest property.

According to forest official, it is illegal to enter the forest locality without permission and added.

"They have been charged with illegally entering forest property and undertaking land levelling work to facilitate the film's shoot."

The film compensated for the loss, he added, "After the cases were filed.

The film crew applied for permission for the shoot and even deposited Rs 2.5 lakh." Though Ash it is not entirely your fault for landing into such dilemma but be careful you are now a bahu of Big B'.

Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor - From friends to foes

The two leading ladies of Bollywood are at a bitter cold war with each other. Until recently the two would sing praises of each other.So, what went wrong? News is abuzz that Bebo refused to present Katrina with an award at a recently held awards ceremony.

This Kareena says is her reaction to how Katrina had once opted to behave with her when she was to be presented an award and Katrina had declined to do so. It seems like Bebo is strongly adhering to the tit-for-tat policy and the so called one time friends have turned foes.