Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Priyanka Chopra find a new boyfriend?

Now, you can call it camaraderie between co-stars or professional amiability, but the buzz is that Priyanka and Sahil have been getting along very well while working in Farhan Akhtar’s thriller which introduces Sahil into films. He has a small role in the movie.

Priyanka Chopra find a new boyfriend? ‎

Sahil is a model and has worked in several commercials. Being a newcomer in Bollywood he is still learning the ropes of acting, and Priyanka being an established actress has reportedly been more than willing to help the handsome laddie with helpful tips and suggestions galore about acting. The two have become very friendly in a short time and this friendship might even develop into something bigger.

There’s no secret to the fact that Priyanka and Shahid Kapoor have finally put an end to their now-on-now-off relationship. And if the rumour of her growing closeness to Sahil is true, Priyanka has indeed moved swiftly from Shahid to Sahil. Whoa, the names rhyme as well.

Now Vidya Balan chooses to get particular with pictures

Well, Aamir certainly seems to have inspired a lot of Bollywood artistes into following his perfectionist ways. And Vidya Balan seems set to be the next actress going the Aamir way. Vidya has decided to do one or two films a year as she wants to make sure that they will be successful at the box office.

Now Vidya Balan chooses to get particular with pictures

Sources say, “Vidya is ensuring that she gives 100 per cent to her roles from the moment the script lands in her hand. She makes sure she knows her character thoroughly before taking on the role and studies everything there is to know about it. You will never see her doing ditzy roles but significantly defining ones.

After Paa and Ishqiya, Vidya’s penchant for acting will now be seen in the role of Sabrina Lall in Rajkumar Gupta’s No One Killed Jessica, based on the murder of the model Jessica Lall. The actress has made sure that she has left no stone unturned in performing the role.

“It is necessary for me as an actor,” says Vidya. “I am constantly looking to do something different. I want to look forward to something new when I get up every morning. I want that excitement when I go on the sets or else life will be boring. Such roles make me selfish as an actor.”

Speaking about the film she says, “The film is a fast paced thriller set in the hub of political power, New Delhi. It is the story of two amazing women and their relentless pursuit of justice that mobilises an entire nation to prove that in a democracy there is no greater power than the power of the people.”

Freida can't zest up vacant IFFI celebrity central

Freida can't zest up vacant IFFI celebrity centralFreida Pinto came, she smiled, but not many people saw it. The 'Slumdog Millionaire' star was the biggest celebrity so far to walk the generally empty red carpet at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) but her presence failed to add any spice. The Mumbai-born actress is in Goa to attend the premiere of Woody Allen's film 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger' in Goa.

There was not much of a crowd when Pinto, dressed in a violet gown, walked the red carpet as not many people seemed aware of her presence. There was a crowd mostly of media persons outside the Inox venue for the premiere of the movie. Call it Allen's magic or the effect of Pinto's beauty, the hall was packed to its full capacity for the film, which is being shown in India for the first time. "It is great to see that the film is a houseful. No matter how big or small a film is, it is always great to know that your film is being liked by people," Pinto said before the screening.

Allen's latest film, a comedy-drama starring Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Gemma Jones and Naomi Watts, was first premiered at the Cannes film festival this year. Pinto plays the role of a musicologist Dia in the film. Brolin's character sees Pinto through a window and falls for her.

Talking about the film, Pinto said, "I learnt a very important thing from the film that the grass is always greener on the other side but I won't say much beyond the fact that it was an honor to work with Woody Allen. He is the best teacher that I have had, considering that I never went to an acting school.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shah Rukh Khan's Gay lip-lock?

This photo has been circulating on the internet. The photo shows Shah Rukh Khan kissing on the lips. Normally a peck on the cheek or a hug is the practice among celebrities.

Shah Rukh Khan kissing

Some reports state that this picture is from the show of Jonathon Ross in which Shah Rukh Khan was invited as a special guest and this kiss was with another guest on the show and that was John Barrowman. Shah Rukh Khan had performed some humorous parts on this show, but this pictures was missing from the episode telecast.

Shah Rukh Khan kissing

Some reports also suggest that this is a fake morphed picture. Only Shah Rukh Khan can reveal the truth behind this picture.

Kareena Kapoor: Her moving Khan dependability

Kareena Kapoor: Her moving Khan dependabilityKareena Kapoor is the darling of the Khans of the industry, but recently it seems the lady has been shifting her loyalty in which Saif is also included.

The Kapoor lady has suddenly taken quite a liking towards a junior Khan of the industry, Imran Khan. Kareena might have been going ga ga to have worked with all the Khans of the Bollywood who rules the industry but the admiration for the younger Khan might just make the seniors a bit insecure and mainly boyfriend Saif Ali Khan.

The recent buzz is that Imran has stated that while Katrina Kaif is a lucky charm and Deepika Padukone and he became very good friends while the shooting of the film ‘Break Ke Baad’, but the nephew of Aamir cannot stop singing the praises and how much she likes Kareena Kapoor.

After hearing Imran’s admiration, Kareena was not far behind and stated that she is also quite “fond” if the young actor and went further to give a compliment like Imran might just become the superstar of the next generation.

It’s really something coming from Kareena, but what does the other Khan’s of the industry have to say about this generous compliment and liking of Kareena’s for Imran. While mamu Aamir will be proud of Imran, others too will applaud the young actor, but what does Kareena’s cousin Ranbir have to say about that?

Priyanka Chopra & Shahid Kapoor to re unite?

Much has been talked about the Shahid Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra love saga. But the duo never admitted they were ever dating when they were in a relationship and always remained tight-lipped about their equation when romours of their break up sprung up. Reportedly the sizzling duo will be seen opposite each other in filmmaker Kunal Kohli’s next.

Priyanka Chopra & Shahid Kapoor to re unite?

Buzz has is that the film has two women playing the lead roles. Producer-director Kunal has plans to approach Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone for the second lead role.

However, the filmmaker chose to maintain silence on Shahid-Priyanka teaming up for his latest. While talking to a news daily, he said, "It is true that Shahid has been signed on. It is a love story spanning a 100 years. I cannot comment on the actresses as we haven`t started casting yet," is all he said. Shahid told BT, "I have enjoyed Kunal`s works in the past whether it`s ‘Hum Tum’ or ‘Fanaa’ and I`m looking forward to this love story. Whoever he decides to be cast opposite me, I`m okay with it."

Shahid-Priyanka fans have not been able to rejoice after ‘Kaminey’. Now with news of the duo hitting the silver-screen together for their new film might give their fans a reason to smile. But whether or not PC will accept Kunal’s offer is something to wait and watch, considering the fact that the lady has been more in news over her alleged relationships with her co-stars and little for her work. Any guesses people?

Ileana with Ranbir Kapoor in upcoming movie

She rocks down South with films like Pokiri and Kick to her credit. If all goes well, Ileana will soon make her debut in Bollywood and that too, with Ranbir Kapoor. According to our source, Anurag Basu is in talks with the actress to play a leading role in Barfi.

Ileana act with Ranbir Kapoor in upcoming movie

Source said, “Anurag plans to cast Ileana in one of the lead roles in Barfi. The film is a two-heroine project and while speculation is on whether Priyanka Chopra or Asin will play the lead in Barfi, Ileana is surely playing the second lead in the film.” Interestingly, Barfi was earlier titled Silence. Ranbir’s character has been inspired from Charlie Chaplin and Rowan Atkinson.

Asin with Neil Nithin Mukesh

Asin is very serious of becoming the top star in Bollywood. She has been trying all the ways to get that done. After Ghajjini, Asin is getting no chances to act in Bollywood in main league. She is not ready to accept every film as she is worried about her image. Recently she found Godfather in Neil Nithin Mukesh who was also struggling. He signed on Ravi Chopra’s ‘Pocketmaar’ a few days back. As soon as he signed, he recommended Asin’s name to Ravi Chopra.

Asin Scandal with Neil Nithin Mukesh in Mumbai

Asin is now banking on not so popular Neil Nithin Mukesh to find break in Bollywood. Sources say that she is not hesitating to satisfy Neil in any manner to fulfill her desire. Both Neil and Asin are seen having coffee together and also found moving together in various occasions, events and places.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sonakshi Sinha bugged at 26/11 tribute occasion

Sonakshi Sinha bugged at 26/11 tribute occasionIt is a question that is being raised to not just the involved party but all of India, as to what occasion will it take for the average Indian man to behave himself in public places. Recently, Gul Panag was ill-treated at the Delhi Marathon by the very people who were participating in it. The actress couldn't file charges as it is difficult to recognise miscreants who indulge in such obscene acts concealing themselves in numbers. She blamed it on Delhi culture.

Yet again another young actress had to undergo a similar incident. Sonakshi came to attend an event organized by three NGOs in the memory of 26/11 victims at the Gandhi garden near the Mantralaya in South Mumbai. Sonakshi came to the event, sat for an hour and just as she was leaving a large group of people began following her. Among those who were her ardent fans, few were there just to create trouble. Sonakshi sensed something ugly and tried to fasten her stride, but the mob followed relentlessly. Some of them some started saying, "Idhar dekho naa, humse baat karo naa" as they tried coming close and some touched her on her arm and her shoulder. Their behaviour was disgusting and out-of order.

Sonakshi's bouncers rushed her out of the place and tucked her in the car that sped away. So shaken was the Dabangg girl that she was in tears when she left. It has to be said that such behavior and that too at an occasion that demands one's complete respect and harmony, is completely unacceptable.

Neha Dhupia makes her singing debut

Neha Dhupia makes her singing debutGorgeous star of Bollywood Neha Dhupia makes her debut in singing. She recently recorded a song with Kailash Kher for this movie.

"I am super excited about the song and getting an opportunity to sing along with a celebrated artiste like Kailash Kher is not an everyday story for Bollywood actresses. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this. Hope everybody likes it," says Neha. Neha plays a cruel don called Munni Madam who hates men, she is bold and rough. It's a very strong character and in the song, there is a bit about her character too.

The director was keen that she herself sings the song, to make it look more real and authentic. "At first Neha refused to sing, but after couple of music sittings she finally agreed to record. Surprisingly, she completed the recording in just one day which is commendable for she is not a professional singer." says Subhash.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bipasha Basu needs Atif Aslam

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu is so much in love with Pakistani singer Atif Aslam's songs that she hopes he would sing for her someday. "Starting my day with Atif Aslam's best songs - playing loudly in my car on my way to location. Wish he would sing all these songs just 4 me," Bipasha posted on her Twitter page. The actress is currently in Gold Coast, Australia, to shoot her first international film "Singularity". She plays a Maratha warrior in the movie being directed by English-French director Roland Joffe.

Bipasha Basu needs Atif Aslam

Friday, November 26, 2010

Veena Malik truly botched at Big Boss 4

Veena Malik truly botched at Big Boss 4Veena Malik might be out to get publicity, or most likely and that's more understandable, is dancing on the silent tunes of the Indian Intelligence Agency; Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) which has just one-point agenda in mind and that is, to embarass the Pakistanis in front of the entire world.

And in a most recent series of event, Veena Malik was caught off-guard on camera as her towel accidentally slipped off, which won't be shown to the viewers of course but if this news is out, you never know at what places would the clipping reaches too, in too time as the men managing cameras are not saints too and her topless black and white picture with hands covering her boobs is already on the internet!

Bigg Boss 4 is thus, courting a huge chunk of headlines these days for the amount of eyebrows it is managing to raise. While we saw some uninhibited love stories culminating between Ashmit Patel and Sara Khan, Veena Malik and between Veena and Hrishant, the buzz is that Veena has now suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

If Futuristic Media network is to be believed then it would appear that the Pakistani contestant Veena Malik dropped her towel and even her top slipped off leaving her stark naked for close to 10 seconds before she managed to pull her garments back which of course, no one with integrity would do.

Veena Malik is known for her affinity towards glamour, make up and costumes and it was during one costume-changing session that her towel and her top slipped off leaving her garment-free right before the preying eyes of the camera. However, the male voyeurs won’t be able to relish on those images since such clips are censored by the bosses before being shown on national television.

While, it can’t be confirmed whether she did that on purpose (to grab some spotlight) or was it an unintentional wardrobe malfunction, but such nudity content is nothing new to this format. International Big Brother (in countries like Poland and Brazil) have often recorded such mishaps and fed them to the hungry viewers. This seems to be the ugly side of such reality shows. The fact is that Veena Malik might not be aware of how filthy the invitation for Big Boss 4 could be for her but she is now in too deep!

Provided she comes back, the Pathans would eat her alive and living in India would been Lollywood would leave another star which the RAW is out doing with Mona Liza, Javed Sheikh and Veena for that matter not to talk of our singers like Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar, giving them invitations for their projects so that our film, TV and movie industries collapse altogether. All Veena should do now is tread very, very cautiously as there are eyes on not anyone else but her each and every move!

Katrina Kaif: I honestly feel mischief

I honestly feel damage, expresss Katrina Kaif After having a better than average rapport for five years one is feasible to get harm dependant upon one gets formal. Katrina revealed “After five years of going with with Akshay, I am lucky dependant upon he goes in the morning and expresss hello. It's not in light of the fact that he is inconsiderate. It's recently on account of recognition. Now and then, I honestly feel mischief. ”She joined “There were times when I long ago would tell ‘Akshay, better than average morning. Smile. Why are you incensed? ’ and he could tell me not to be silly.

Katrina Kaif Syas: I honestly feel mischief

She declared assist, “I suspect that trust is there amidst us. That respect is the most imperative thing. He additionally has a regard for me and its a healthy mathematical statement. ”Katrina and Akshay will soon be perceived as one unit in Farah Khan's upcoming flick “Tees Maar Khan” which is slated to hit theatres on 24th December.

Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan aanounced Metro Shoes

Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan aanounced Metro ShoesThey are a 'Tashan' pair off screen and they 'kick-ass' when they are paired together on screen. Bollywood's hottest couple - Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have been snapped up together in an endorsement deal by Metro Shoes. The couple was present at the launch of the new 'Metro Ads Posters' at a media event recently.

Kareena was wearing a stunning red dress with a black belt, while her boyfriend Saif sported a smart black tuxedo with a white shirt. The endorsement deal was just a photo-shoot and not the normal video commercial. There were some apologies from the couple as they reached the event location three hours late since they were stuck in a traffic jam. However those present enjoyed the warm company of the couple.

Golmaal 3 actress Kareena said, "I don't know if anybody wants to be in our shoes or not; but we are definitely proud to wear Metro shoes!" Meanwhile the fun-loving Khan was very much outspoken and said, "I am proud to be associated with Metro Shoes. It is one of the most successful shoe brands in the country and therefore the biggest and therefore the most complementary brand for ourselves to associate with."

He jokingly added, "I love to wear chappals during summers, but wear black formal shoes on such occasions!" On a slightly professional note, the handsome actor thanked Metro Shoes and said, "Brands do their intensive research before choosing you as the brand ambassador. So I was obviously pleased when I was approached by Metro Shoes."

Could Sonam be the next Kajol?

Sonam Kapoor's just missing element is her good luck. A look at her past pictures will indicate that she has every last trace of the makings of a better than average star. Having went with with pro filmmakers and lead actors, Sonam still needs to pray for her good luck to back her.

Could Sonam be the next Kajol?

With some promising line up of pictures next schedule, Sonam Kapoor is almost always perceived as the next huge thing in bollywood. Some quarters have been at present putting her at par with Kajol the extent that her potential is concerned.

So, could Sonam Kapoor be the next Kajol of B Town? Well, Sonam tries not to deny the conceivability. Actual she declares that her co star Abhishek and she could be the next hit Jodi in bollywood. In her own expressions, she joins, "I have a fabulous science with Abhishek and we have done extravagant work as a single unit. The method our science is I feel we could be the next Shah Rukh and Kajol of Bollywood. "Though countless experts might love to query Sonam's histrionics but it appears the performer has learnt the craftsmanship of taking so much feedback in her stride.

Vivek Oberoi's cousin desires make it to bollywood on his own merit

Vivek Oberoi's cousin desires make it to bollywood on his own meritActor Vivek Oberoi’s cousin brother Akshay Oberoi, who’s set to make his debut in Tinseltown, is taking pains to hide the fact that he’s related to the star. However, the fact came to light quite accidentally.

“I am Vivek Oberoi’s cousin. My father (Krishan) is the younger brother of Suresh Oberoi. But frankly, I don’t want to be known as Vivek’s cousin. We are separate people and I am stubborn about the fact that I want to do things on my own,” says Akshay Oberoi, whose father is one of the four Oberoi brothers.

Sources close to both the families state that the real reason for the debutant underplaying his relationship with the star is because Vivek has rubbed many people in the industry the wrong wayand is in the bad books of many Bollywood biggies.

“He (Akshay) doesn’t want to be branded as Vivek’s brother. Those in the family (and outside it) believe his career might get stunted if the Vivek connection comes to the fore. In fact, Akshay has also requested Sooraj Barjatya (the producer of his debut film) and the publicists to avoid highlighting the family connection,” says a source.

But prod Akshay Oberoi for the real reason, and he blames it on his stubborn streak. “I want to make it to Bollywood on my own merit,” he says. So did he attend his famous cousin brother’s wedding?

“I was busy working and could not attend his (Vivek’s) marriage. Dad went for his marriage. No, we don’t share any bad vibes, and I did wish Vivek and Priyanka (his newly-wed wife) after their wedding,” he’s quick to add.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

No One Killed Jessica (Video)

No One Killed Jessica is a poignant, hard hitting and also an entertaining film. Made on a small budget with two of the best actresses of the country, Vidya Balan and Rani Mukherjee, the film is centered on the infamous Jessica Lal murder case.

No One Killed Jessica (Video)

Director Rajkumar Gupta who earned recognition with his film Aamir got inspired to make the film on Jessica’s case from a headline in a national newspaper. He believes that the courtroom trial of the case was a very important event in contemporary India, signified by the society that rallied around for justice for Jessica who was shot dead point blank by the son of a rich politician. The film is Rajkumar Gupta’s dramatic interpretation of the entire Jessica Lal case.

Rani plays a passionate reporter Meera in the film, and Vidya is Sabrina, sister of Jessica, who, with her undaunted spirit, continued to fight to seek justice for her dead sister. Recently the film’s promo released, and indeed it was a thrilling watch. No One Killed Jessica is releasing on January 7.

Deepika Padukone vs Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are counted in the league of top actresses currently in Bollywood. But apart from that, there are quite a few things that they have in common. Firstly, both were romantically linked with Ranbir Kapoor. While Deepika and Ranbir's relationship was official, Katrina and Ranbir only maintain that they are 'just good friends'. However, industry sources claim otherwise.

Deepika Padukone vs Katrina Kaif

Secondly, Deepika and Katrina are playing ambitious aspiring actresses in their upcoming films BREAK KE BAAD and TEES MAAR KHAN respectively. Reveals Deepika, "My character of Aaliyah in BREAK KE BAAD is very focused on a career. She wants to achieve a lot. She wants to go to Australia to become an actress. She wants to be independent and is very ambitious.

Katrina Kaif says, "I play a wannabe actress in TEES MAAR KHAN. She is a very innocent girl. She's very ambitious but in a very simple way, not in an intelligent way. It was fun. "BREAK KE BAAD releases on November 26, while TEES MAAR KHAN is scheduled for a December 24 release. Let's wait and watch which 'aspiring actress' finally makes it big!

Freida Pinto: Senseless Bollywood Movies

Freida Pinto: 'Senseless Bollywood' MoviesSlumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto has ruled out plans of starring in Bollywood films, as she is more interested in real cinema rather than the song and dance routines. She has been offered several “stereotypical” roles for “a girl from India” ever since she got famous, but she’s adamant about avoiding parts in masala Bollywood movies.

“I wouldn’t want to do a Bollywood film per se, but I would like to do an Indian language film. For some reason I think Bollywood has become synonymous with commercial cinema, which is song and dance and everything that is larger than life. I am interested in the reality,” says the actor, who got herself an agent in Hollywood soon after the response to Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire.

The actor also worked with Woody Allen on You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger earlier this year. She adds, “It is great to have entertainment, but I think there needs to be something that also makes you want to go back and think about what you’ve seen.”

The actor, whose last release, Miral, failed to impress critics worldwide, says, “Mindless cinema is not my cup of tea..., I could get into trouble for saying that. I don’t think Bollywood is only mindless cinema, but a lot of films they churn out are not films that I completely enjoy watching.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand the amount of hard work that goes into making those ‘mindless films’. “I say hats off to them for doing what they do, because it takes a lot of courage. It is easier to stand and deliver dialogue. Imagine dancing a song out and expressing through it. I think it is a challenge and requires you to lose your inhibitions,” she adds.

Priyanka Chopra might be having sleepless nights in Berlin

Priyanka Chopra might be having sleepless nights in BerlinPriyanka Chopra might be having sleepless nights in Berlin where she is presently shooting for Don 2. According to reports doing the rounds, the actress is being haunted by a ghost from her past. Well, not literally, but a certain Prakash Jaju has returned back to Priyanka Chopra’s life. For the uninitiated, Prakash Jaju was the actress’ secretary once upon a time. He was sacked by Priyanka Chopra when she caught him sending her lecherous text messages and was handed over to the police officials in Mumbai. But now that his arrest period is over, Prakash Jaju has resurfaced in Priyanka Chopra’s life.

The ex-secretary is reportedly promoting the career of Meera Chopra, Priyanka Chopra’s distant cousin. And though the Bollywood actress is very disturbed over the fact, she cannot really do anything about it, because though the court orders Prakash Jaju to stay away from her family, nothing has been mentioned about her extended family in the legal notice. What comes across as more troubling news to Priyanka Chopra is the fact that Meera has gone on record saying that she does not find anything wrong in Prakash Jaju’s character and she is prepared to work with him because the man may bring her some good offers from Bollywood. Meera Chopra is all set to debut in Bollywood next year and it is to be seen whether Prakash Jaju can create the same magic with her as he did with Priyanka Chopra.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rani Mukherjee smoking in No One Killed Jessica promo makes debate

Rani Mukherjee smoking in No One Killed Jessica promo makes debateRemember how Aishwarya got the heat for the poster of her latest film Guzaarish because it showed her smoking? It was thought to be irresponsible as youth of today are easily impressed with stars. Well, the next in line is Rani Mukherjee.

Her upcoming film No One Killed Jessica is garnering publicity not just because of the trailer, that certainly makes you sit up and take notice, but more so because the promos show her smoking. It's strange because this isn't the first time Rani has smoked in a film; she did it before in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag where she played an elite escort.

In this film, Rani plays a headstrong journalist who takes up the cause of the murdered Jessica Lal. As part of her character specification, she had to smoke on a few occasions. NGO's though aren't interested in the creative aspect of the character and letters have been sent to the Health Ministry and censor board asking for the deletion of scenes involving the actress smoking.

Rani's character also shows her using profanity on screen in both English and Hindi in the promos. We wonder if that too would be deleted. The director of No One Killed Jessica maintains that these days using abuses in everyday conversations has become a norm and should be considered harmless. Well, that's yet to be seen.

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif in ‘Housefull 2’

The latest buzz in the tinsel town is that two reigning beauties of Bollywood Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are professional rivals and don’t see eye to eye. But, it’s significant that the long time rivals will soon be seen in the sequel to Sajid Khan's ‘Houseful’. Though Deepika was already there, Katrina will be added to have more spice in the movie. And, if sources are to be believed, the ‘Houseful’ sequel will see a lot of new faces. However, director Sajid Khan says that he is still writing the script and there are a lot of names that are confirmed and some still need to be finalized. He can confirm John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh at the moment. Among others said to be included are Arjun Rampal, Paresh Rawal and Nana Patekar, besides the two females.

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif perform togather in ‘Housefull 2’

Interestingly, during her talk with filmmaker Karan Johar on his chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’, Deepika was very much frank about her gifting condoms to Ranbir. The latter had no qualms accepting the gift from his former girlfriend and in fact he was quite open to the unique idea of Deepika. And being a gentleman, the actor wished the dimpled beauty all the best for her next film ‘Break Ke Baad’ opposite Imran Khan.

Katrina Kaif: There's no top secret to my science with Akshay

Katrina Kaif Says: There's no top secret to my science with AkshayBollywood beauty Katrina Kaif, whose sizzling chemistry with co-star Akshay Kumar in Farah Khan's latest offering Tees Maar Khan has grabbed eyeballs, says it comes from years of working together and nothing else.

"Its the familiarity that works. I have spent about 500 days or so shooting with Akshay in the last five years and I think there is no secret to our chemistry. Its good because Akshay has that certain amount of trust and confidence in me," Katrina said.

The hit Bollywood pair was liked by audience in many films like Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Namastey London, Welcome, Singh is Kinng and De Dana Dan. "In the first year Akshay was like ...Hi, good morning want a hug. In the second year, it was good morning. Third year was morning. Fourth year, it was a smile and now it is 'What's the shot'. We trust and respect each other. Also, now that we are familiar with each other so we tend to drop all the formalities," the 26-year-old actress said.

Katrina also said that they were not typical buddies. "We don't talk on the phone. We are not buddy types. If I am not working with him, its not like I ask him how are you and all. Sometimes the charm is lost when it is overdone," she said.

Tees Maar Khan, an action-comedy stars Akshay and Katrina Kaif in the lead and Akshaye Khanna in a cameo. Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor make special appearances in the film, which is releasing on December 24.

The movie is about a criminal who is "fearless and shameless", and is known as Tees Maar Khan. "In the movie, Akshay plays the role of a conman and I play his love interest. She is a wannabe actress called Anya," Katrina said.

Yana Gupta join children's charity event without underwear

Yana Gupta join children's charity event without underwearYou often read about Hollywood celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and others being spotted sans inner-wear but Bollywood celebrities haven't gone that far till lately. However, Yana Gupta has done what her counterparts dare not do – she attended an event without underwear.

The news is doing the rounds that Yana Gupta was photographed sans panties at an international children's charity event held recently. It is reported that she tried to avoid being photographed but could not cover her short black dress. The photographers managed to get what they wanted – Yana without panty. Well, the news of Yana Gupta's wardrobe malfunction seems to have spread like wildfire. Film director Farah Khan wrote on her Twitter page, “sm1 pls buy yana gupta an underwear.kya yaar.”

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kangna Ranaut and Anuj Saxena catwalk togather

Kangna is playing a model for the second time post her hit film FASHION in the film ONE AND ONLY. Kangana was the show stopper for the grand finale. Anuj Saxena's walking the ramp was a last minute addition. Kangna got standing ovation when she walked the ramp and she looked stunning.

Kangna Ranaut and Anuj Saxena catwalk togather

The second 'Be Yu fashion awards 2010' ceremony was attended by the who's who of the fashion and glamour fraternity. It is an annual event which bestows special honors to a diverse group of rising stars and fashion industry leaders. The awards recognise the Indian fashion industry as a leading producer of innovative talent, designs, textiles and embellishments. The weekend fashion extravaganza was organized by Elder Health Care Ltd for its German premium cosmetic brand BeYu.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sonam Kapoor in local style

Sonam Kapoor in local styleActress Sonam Kapoor may be known for her international sense of style as she is spotted sporting Italian and French labels but she has decided to support desi designers. And the first from the lot happens to be Masaba, actor Neena Gupta’s daughter.

“It doesn’t matter who it is. Talent is talent and I always believed that it needs support,” Sonam said during an event. Sonam hinted that time that she will try to choose Indian designers over others whenever possible. “Indian designers are as good as anybody else in the world. We have the talent and we are good at it. When it comes to style, I think that Indians are one of the most stylish people in the world,” she added.

Masaba confirms that Sonam immediately agreed to support her when she approached her before launching her flagship store in Mumbai. “She was very supportive and I must tell you that she is unlike most other actors that I have come across. I had approached a celebrity who was the show stopper for Tarun Tahiliani’s show earlier but it is Sonam who immediately agreed to support me in this endeavor even though I am an upcoming designer,” says Masaba.

Not only did Sonam agree to inaugurate her flagship store, she will also be styled by Masaba for the event. Talking about her line Masaba says, “Dhotis, angarakhas, jumpsuits, ikat and silk sarees and shift dresses are some of the silhouettes. The colours are vibrant with patchwork playing a predominant role in most of my garments. My trademark style is fierce and bold with a strong play of colour and cut, but also traditionally rooted.”

Deepika Padukone: Love, sex and partners

Deepika Padukone: Love, sex and partnersIn an exclusive interview the Bollywood star opens up on life in tinsel town. And why love deserves a second chance She is being talked about as the most promising fresh talent of Bollywood and giving credence to these claims are some of her biggest hits like Om Shanti Om and Housefull. Deepika Padukone has come a long way since she played Shanti opposite SRK and her role as a blind dancer in Lafangey Parindey saw her mature as an actor. The leggy lass is now all set to entertain the audience as Aaliya Khan opposite Imran in Kunal Kohli’s ‘Break Ke Baad.’

This movie about coming of age and relationships has taught Deepika a lesson or two in real life she confides. “After doing the movie, I came to know that people can actually give their love life a second try after putting in some space between each other. The concept is very new for me as I hail from a conservative family. Also I have grown up watching elders being happily married and spending their life with one person without ever wanting a break. I also learnt that a certain amount of tolerance is needed to make a relationship work,” she says.

The model-turned-actor who went through a much hyped break up with Ranbir Kapoor feels if there is no scope of a reconciliation it’s better to move on.“ I feel if a relationship has turned sour then one needs to move on in life. There is no point in sitting and crying over the spilt milk. It’s important to move on in life. We all have strength within ourselves to control our feelings and go ahead. We need to leave all the negativity that we may have experienced in our relationship and move on,” opines Deepika.

But moving on doesn’t mean severing all ties with your ex-flame, you can still be friends claims the actor. “When in relationship we feel that person is very important to us. The moments spent with him/her memorable. But when a relationship doesn’t work out you need not harbour any grudges. Instead create positivity, carry all the good things and maintain your friendship with him/her,” she quips.

Much has been written about Deepika and Ranbir some of it true and some of it mere rumours. But when asked about her ex-beau, Deepika does not restrain from commenting. “As I have said earlier too we are good friends,” avers the actor.

Having learnt from experience, Deepika also has a bit of advice for the ones coping with a break up. “Maintaining a relationship requires a lot of give and take. Sacrifices have to be made by both the couple.

Establishing a comfort level is also essential to carry forward a relationship. But if it still does not work out then we need not give up life. We need to attend to so many other things in our life time.

It’s important to keep ourselves busy by taking interest in our work.

Time is a great healer and you will gradually get over it,” she says with conviction.

And she has moved on as she is currently said to be dating business tycoon Sidharth Mallya, but once bitten twice shy, Deepika is cautious about talking of her present relationship. “I will not comment on this. A lot of media attention was given to my personal life because I was vocal about my relationship with Ranbir. Hence, I have decided to not talk about my personal life anymore,” she confirms.

But recently did she go for an eye check up with Sidharth as was quoted by many newspapers? “Smiles…I have my glasses. I don’t need to go for an eye check up now. Things were blown out of proportions by the media.” she replies.

Moving on to discussing about friends and foes in the industry, Deepika clarifies that all is well between her and Sonam. “I have no grudges against Sonam. It’s the media that’s creating such hypes. Karan’s show is not to be taken seriously. He asks tongue in cheek questions but it is all done in good humour.”

She also maintains that she doesn’t have very close friends in Bollywood. “I am so busy that I do not have much time to find a best friend in the industry. Moreover, whenever we are working we meet each other frequently, converse and then as soon as the film is over we don’t get to see each other. But while working together I have always shared a good rapport with my co-stars.” she declares.

Is it a conscious effort on her part to stay away from bonding much with the film fraternity because of the shallow relationships and double standard? Pat comes her reply, “There are no double standards in the industry. I would only say that sometimes they do not appreciate honest people. At times, honest assessments put them off. They should learn to accept things as they are and not crave for false appreciation.”And last but not the least, talking about Break Ke Baad, she says, “In this film Danish Alam has tried to bring forth the contemporary love life of today’s youth."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Malaika Arora Khan to do item number on New Year celebration

The countdown to usher in the New Year starts. The star hotels are advancing designing up for many sided programmes to welcome New Year 2011. They are rivaling one another to rope in picture actors and are willing to shell out some sum. It is learnt that a star hotel in Mumbai has roped in Malaika Arora Khan to participate in its New Year festivals. The DJ turned character will be paid a whopping Rs. 2.5 crore for performing an item number. She will move to the well known item number 'Munni Badnaam' from Dabangg. In the past years, Bipasha Basu and Mallika Sherawat too were offered such gigantic sums.

Malaika Arora Khan to do item number on New Year celebration

Aishwarya rai and Hrithik Roshan's Guzaarish: Movie Review

Aishwarya rai and Hrithik Roshan's Guzaarish: Movie ReviewThe film is beautifully shot by Sudeep Chatterjee. It has strong performances and there are several scenes, which genuinely move you. But there is just as much that is clumsy, including an unintentionally comical group-hug in the climax. Despite the many admirable elements, Guzaarish never becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Co-written and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Guzaarish is cobbled together from many well-known movies. From Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, Bhansali sources a world of magic and illusion in which rival magicians sabotage each other. So the protagonist, Ethan Mascarenhas played by Hrithik Roshan, is great magician who becomes a quadriplegic when a trick goes wrong. There are shades of Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and several scenes and characters lifted from the 2005 foreign-language Oscar winner The Sea Inside, in which Javier Bardem gives an astounding performance as a bed-ridden man who fights to die. Ethan makes a similar plea for euthanasia or as he calls it: ‘ethanasia’.

To this busy canvas, Bhansali adds a beautiful nurse Sophia, played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan; an apprentice Omar, played by Aditya Roy Kapur and a devoted lawyer, played by Shernaz Patel. The best part of the film is the beautifully etched relationship between Ethan and Sophia, who wearing floor-length Sabyasachi skirts and gorgeous earrings, seems to be channeling Frida Kahlo.

She calls him Mr Mascarenhas and handles him with a tough love devoid of pity. So, when he pretends to be aroused, she tops it with some world-class moans of her own.

Bhansali is among the few directors who enable Aishwarya to shed her trademark artificiality. Looking stunning, she delivers her most heart-felt performance in years. Hrithik struggles and sweats with a difficult role. Ethan must be gloriously life-affirming even as he begs for death. But his character, like the film, is too over-wrought and obviously manipulative.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has positioned himself as Hindi cinema’s poet of pain. His movies are operatic and highly melodramatic. But over the course of six films, the worlds Bhansali creates have become increasingly sealed off and removed from any known reality. So even though the characters in Guzaarish ostensibly live in Goa, the milieu isn’t one that you would recognise. This fantasy would be effective if the writing was more organic and the emotions felt more authentic but Bhansali never gives us a chance to invest in these people.

Characters just randomly appear and disappear. So Sophia’s abusive husband drops in for one scene as does Ethan’s rival who scars him for life. It’s clunky and strangely disjointed. Combining euthanasia with song-and-dance is a tough, tough feat and despite his prodigious talent, Bhansali can’t pull it off. Since we don’t have a two and three-quarter rating, I’m going with three stars.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Katrina Kaif Topless: show off her skin in 'Sheila ki Jawani'

Katrina Kaif Topless: show off her skin in 'Sheila ki Jawani'Tees Maar Khan is shaping out to be something big and promising after what we witnessed in the song ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’. Farah Khan yet again presses the right button touching the right nerves of voyeuristic males and presenting Katrina in her sauciest avatar yet.

For the item number ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’, Katrina Kaif has dropped all her inhibitions and most of her clothes as she shows loads of skin in this blistering song. Katrina has nearly half a dozen different appearances as she keeps changing her guise throughout the video.

This song was making news for quite some time and now that the video has been released the spectators are gaping and gasping staring at the belly button of the Bollywood’s Barbie Doll. Yes! Farah manages to bring the best out of the sexy Katrina who can be seen in skimpy clothes and revealing outfits in this racy song.

Though, she doesn’t tread on to vulgar lines, yet her slim trim abs and arms are a delight to watch. For a particular scene, she even drapes satin sheet and dances provocatively amidst a bunch of men in a revolving bed.

With this song, Katrina becomes the latest to join the A-list actresses who have done item numbers. Truly, Katrina has never looked more desirable and yummier.


Vidya Balan demonstrates off a challenging side

Vidya Balan demonstrates off a challenging sideVidya Balan indicated gatherings her sensual side in Vishal Bhardwaj's Ishqiya early this year. Following getting rave inspections for that appearance, the character has marked on to order the essence and times of one of South India's most colossal sex symbols, Silk Smitha, in head Milan Luthria's next task called 'The Dirty Picture'.

Vidya newly did a racy photo shoot for a magazine for which she has received a significant number of compliments. The performing artist experienced a nervous breakdown while shooting for Sujoy Ghosh's picture Kahaani in Kolkata. So hectic is the performer that she has yet to arrange a housewarming party for her associates following acquiring a spacious level in Mumbai's Khar in February.

She is moreover miffed with head Rajkumar Gupta about having Jessica Lal's sister Sabrina stage a guest presentation in her inevitable movie No One Killed Jessica. She feels that the least the makers might have done is respect Jessica's house privacy and not straight include Sabrina in the movie.

Shahrukh Khan's latest Movie 'Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu'

Shahrukh Khan's latest Movie 'Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu'Some years back, Neha Dhupia in an interview had said that in Bollywood, either sex sells or Shahrukh Khan. The makers of SHAHRUKH BOLA KHOOBSURAT HAI TU have perhaps tried to cash in on the latter. The 2003 film, MAIN MADHURI DIXIT BANNA CHAHTI HOON starring Antara Mali also did something similar, but didn't do well.

Makrand Deshpande, a known name in the theatre world ventures into Bollywood direction with SHAHRUKH BOLA KHOOBSURAT HAI TU. Interestingly, he is the same guy who was seen with Shahrukh Khan in the song, Yunhi chala chal Rahi from SWADES. He has acted in many films in the past.

Laali (Preetika Chawla) is a girl who sells flowers for a living. One day, a car stops right besides her, and the person who's sitting inside the car is none other than superstar Shahrukh Khan. He calls her beautiful, leaving her flabbergasted. This incident has a life-changing impact on her. She doesn't reciprocate bookseller John's love, who stabs her and envies Shahrukh. In her fantasy world, she believes that Shahrukh Khan will save her in all circumstances. A journalist sees this as a potential story and follows Laali and other people associated with her.

The concept of relationship between a fan and a star is definitely novel. But the execution by director Makrand Deshpande is pretty vapid here. The narrative is devoid of engaging moments making it a painful watch. One fails to understand whether it's from the journalist's point of view or the flower seller's. The ambiguous climax just adds to the woes.

Body of evidence in opposition to Salman Khan, Bigg Boss makers for vulgarity

Body of evidence in opposition to Salman Khan, Bigg Boss makers for vulgarityA case was filed Friday in an Uttar Pradesh court against Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who is also the host of the Bigg Boss 4 show, the producer and director of the reality show and some of the contestants over its vulgar content, an official said.

The case was filed in a court in Aligarh district under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including 293 (sale of obscene objects), 294 (obscene acts and songs), and 120 B (criminal conspiracy).

It was filed in the chief judicial magistrate's (CJM) court on an application filed by an Aligarh-based lawyer Anoop Kaushik. Kaushik Friday moved the complaint application against airing of the reality TV show Bigg Boss 4 on Colors channel.

"Besides Salman Khan, who hosts Bigg Boss, and five contestants of the reality show, the case has also been filed against MD of Colors channel, and the director and producer of the show," Kaushik told reporters in Aligarh, some 350 km from Lucknow.

"The five contestants against whom the case has been registered include Sara Khan, her husband Ali Merchant, Dolly Bindra, Shweta Tiwari and Sameer Soni," he added. The court has fixed Nov 24 as the next date of hearing the case.

Bigg Boss 4 has celebrity participants locked up inside an isolated house, without any link to the outside world. They are required to stay in the house under 24-hour camera surveillance.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Katrina Kaif in ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ in Tees Maar Khan (Video)

Katrina Kaif in Sheila Ki Jawani

This is the video of Katrina Kaif in the new item song ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ from the movie Tees Maar Khan. The song has been choreographed by Farah Khan.

The movie stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in lead roles and is directed by Farah Khan.

See the video here:


Salman Khan is unknown for Pamela Anderson

Salman Khan is unknown for Pamela AndersonVery explosive that the man who is the heartthrob of thousands of fans, both male and female, is unknown to Pamela Anderson.

Pamela has entered the reality show Bigg Boss 4 which is being hosted by Salman Khan. But Pamela honestly admits that she doesn’t recognize the superstar of Hindi film industry.

“I have heard about Salman through media. I have seen a few Bollywood films, but I don't remember any of the actors by their name. Maybe, if I see him I will be able to recognise him (Salman),” Pamela said before her entry in Bigg Boss house on Tuesday.

Pamela also added that she was looking forward to make friends inside the house though she knows none of the housemates.

“I am going unscripted on the show,” said Pamela, adding that she’s open to doing household chores in the Bigg Boss house.

Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif in Item no's

Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif: Item no togatherKareena Kapoor who is known as the versatile actress in Bollywood has had quite a sensational career graph has far as her selection of roles is concerned. She has gone from one role to another with a jumping of miles stones often competing with her own self and out doing her own performances with new zest of energy. However what made her delve into the item number jig in Farhan Akhtar’s Don, with the most popular number of the retro times Yeh Mera Dil?

Next we have Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who is to appear in Guzaarish with a hot number albeit fully clad in retro style gown and accessories, but despite that her dance moves are very luring, going by the promos of the film. Katrina Kaif too is to be seen in an item number in the soon to be released Tees Maar Khan, where she is going to be shown in a beautiful satin white bed sheet looking as pristine as ever!

Well perhaps the fact that gone are the times when top actresses never dared to touch these item numbers and saved it for the side actresses to perform on. The fact that a sexy image was something which only the side actresses had was a major driving force in keeping leading actresses steer clear from these hot item numbers.

Now modern thought processes and positive mind sets have changed all that. The actresses of today have to perform dramatic scenes as well as dance to sexy tunes to lure the top male protagonist as well as the audiences. Well the change is certainly welcome and who’s complaining? No one the male protagonists are having a blast, the audiences are pleased, the film makers are pleased with the mullah filling up their pockets- a total win win situation!

Amrita Rao in MTV party: Hotties

Amrita Rao made a rare public appearance looking gorgeous in gray jeans and tunic top at Finale Party of MTV's Making The Cut at Tote in Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai, on Monday, November 15. Amrita, 29, accessorized with black peeptoe ankle strap heels, black clutch, hoop earrings and a black chunky bead bracelet.

Amrita Rao in MTV party: Hotties

The Vivaah star is currently filming for S Manasvi's Love U...Mr. Kalakaar! with co-star Tusshar Kapoor. She will be next seen in David Dhawan's cricket comedy Hook Ya Crook with co-stars John Abraham, Kay Kay Menon, Shreyas Talpade and Genelia D'souza. The film is due for release on December 10. Amrita recently re-iterated her single status. "I am single and haven't found anyone. I feel if I have to get someone he will come to me, it all depends on destiny," Amrita told TOI.

Openning Ceremony of Lara Dutta's fitness DVD

Openning Ceremony of Lara Dutta's fitness DVDShilpa Shetty is one Bollywood actress, who is known more for her perfect body than her films, launched her fitness DVD last year and another fitness freak Bipasha Basu followed suit. As if that's not enough, Lara Dutta too has ventured into fitness DVD. Now, this former Miss Universe has launched her fitness DVD yesterday, November 17. She will give tough competition to Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu, who are already into that bandwagon.

However, Lara had planned for this fitness DVD just after the release of her film Blue, where she was seen in her bikini avatar. It seems the 32-year-old actress was inspired by the film to launch her fitness DVD. She went into slimming and trimming session during the making of the film and her sexy avatar was appreciated. So, Lara decided to cut down on her films and concentrate more on her home production and fitness DVD, which has been shot in New York.

The actress, who is currently shooting for Don 2 in Berlin, is thrilled about her first fitness DVD launch and was quoted saying that she has already started the promotional work for it. Her DVD will be different in a way that it will also contain her expert advice and suggestions on how to stay fit. Well, the fate of the fitness DVD will be decided once it is launched.

Sonam Kapoor: Guess which figure part of Bipasha Basu she envies

Sonam Kapoor: Guess which figure part of Bipasha Basu she enviesKatrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai or Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu or Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta- tensions have always surfaced when two actresses come together for a film. Sparks fly as backbiting, bitching or utter dislike emerges.

However, contrary to the general expectations, ravishing Sonam Kapoor and the Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu hit it off like a house on fire when they bumped on the sets of ‘Player’.

‘Player’ is an action caper from Abbas-Mastan factory and has Sonam and Bipasha as the leading females. Since the duo has never worked with each other, the crew members were jittery about how they would go about their business.

But instead of ignorance or showing any acrimony, they soon greeted each other and dug deep into engrossing chitchats. Bipasha, who is a fitness freak, lent her handy tips to Sonam who, on her part, shared her fashion advices.

And Sonam professed her envy for Bipasha’s body part- her oomph-evoking legs. Yes! Sonam is willing to swap her legs for that of Bipasha’s. Toned and well-muscled, Bipasha’s legs are fetching high demand these days. But we love Sonam the way she is. Let Bips keep her limbs. They suit her more than they would have suited Sonam.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kareena Kapoor not announced the exact date of her wedding with Saif Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor not announced the exact date of her wedding with Saif Ali KhanBollywood's 'size zero' diva Kareena Kapoor denied announcing the accurate date of her wedding with Saif Ali Khan. She says that the event will likely be held in a year from now.

The lack of detail leaves too much room for confusion, misinterpretation and speculation. She adds that she is a firm believer in the institution of marriage and is eagerly awaiting the big day. Kareena had reportedly had a dialogue with the family members of both sides in connection with the marriage. The delay in announcing the date of the marriage is almost certainly due to the deliberation of the duo on Kareena's career in Bollywood post-marriage.

Katrina Kaif cloth less in her next flick

Farah Khan has managed to do the impossible. Make Katrina Kaif drop her clothes and be clad in just a white satin sheet. Farah says, "Sheila Ki Jawani was supposed to be a raunchy item Bhojpuri kind of song as Katrina's a wannabe actress acting in sleazy films but the song shaped out to be classy and a mix between Chicago and Broadway.

Katrina Kaif cloth less in her next flick

I have never seen Katrina looking both hot and sensuous at the same time. In her earlier films, she's dressed mostly like a Barbie doll. Katrina really trusted me and didn't argue even once when I told her what she had to wear. She just told me that she needs to start working out and tone her body more.

I never told Katrina to lose weight. We shot Sheila Ki Jawani in five days and every day we had a new set and new costumes. For the satin bed sheet, we had a 10 feet rotating bed with the men around her. She would shoot with us and then go and work out at 11.30 pm so that her abs would be toned. Her dedication is tremendous. She didn't feel awkward with so many men around. The more they screamed and cheered for her, the more she got a high and her energy levels increased."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Vidya Balan - What's Vidya's secret habit

Everybody has a quirky passion and we have learned that Vidya Balan's passion is to collect saris. The actress, who has sported many saris at various events and parties, owns at least 500 of them. Her enviable collection includes saris from various Indian designers and she takes care in making sure all of them are laid out well in her wardrobe.

Vidya Balan - What's Vidya's secret habit

She takes them out every month to make sure that they are being preserved well. Maybe Vidya should check out if there is a Guinness Book of records in owning saris. She could certainly compete as her passion is showing no signs of dying down.

Kareena Kapoor: What makes this red hot angel-face sizzling in the list of fantastic stars?

Kareena Kapoor who began her career exactly a decade back and debuted in Refugee with Abhishek Bachchan as her co star has indeed come a long way and established a name for herself in tinsel town. What is the quality that makes this fiery babe hot in the list of great stars?

Kareena Kapoor: What makes this red hot angel-face sizzling in the list of fantastic stars?

Well first and foremost the gal belongs to one of Bollywood’s greatest film families the Kapoor family. This is perhaps her plus point. But hold it the family tag only helps to get an entry into films. After that this highly competitive field requires a lot of talent, loads of patience, the right attitude and the willingness to carry on despite failures. Thus Kareena Kapoor is a gal who scores a full ten on all these counts. This hot star has never been let down by her failures and never got carried away by her successes either.

Kareena’s stylish avatar in Karan Johar’s Khabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham as she sashayed as Poo was well liked by the audiences. Her very outspoken character in Jab We Met as the effervescent Geet was also one of her best roles ever and a lot of actresses have gone on to say that they would love to play the role of Geet if they ever get the chance.

With her recent release Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal 3, Kareena has again proved what a versatile star she is. Her role as the freaky Daboo in the all casual attire and very happy go lucky attitude towards life is also being well appreciated all over.

Her forth coming flicks, Shahrukh Khan’s home production RA ONE and Saif Ali Khan’s Agent Vinod will see her in two more different avatars. The first will see her as Shahrukh’s wife and a mom too as they have a child of about eight years old in the sci- fi flick. In Agent Vinod, Bebo plays the role of a spy with very professional attire and matter of fact dialogues. So just wait for Kareena’s these two films to release, while enjoying her recently released flick, if you haven’t seen it yet !

Shahrukh Khan: A blurring superstar marking an Autograph

Shahrukh Khan: A blurring superstar marking an AutographWhile Aamir Khan has signed Reema Kagti’s suspense thriller, the King Khan SRK may become a fading star. No! Not in reality but for the remake of a Bengali film Autograph.

Autograph is a Bengali film that has been declared a runaway hit after releasing last week. It stars actor Prosonjeet as a fading star. There is a strong buzz that producer Madhu Mantena (who has decided to make its Hindi version) is eyeing Shahrukh for that role.

In the same film, Ranbir Kapoor may play a young director. The film shall be helmed by Srijit Mukherjee, who also directed the original Bengali version. But some altercations may be made to suit the Hindi audience. After all, there is some difference between a regional viewer and a national spectator.

Producer Mantena confirms that he, indeed, plans to make a remake and cites that this is the era of remakes and loads of regional films have the potential to be made into a full fledged Hindi commercial cinema.

Even Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’ was a remake of the superhit Telugu film. Incidentally, Ghajini did a stupendous business in Bollywood and is currently the 3rd biggest blockbuster of all times.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Katrina Kaif: Will she ever drop garments and lock lips?

Katrina Kaif: Will she ever drop garments and lock lips?Aishwarya Rai, after years in the industry, finally shed her inhibitions and locked lips (a full French one) with lucky actor Hrithik Roshan in ‘Dhoom 2’. Despite her years of coyness and restrictions, Yash Raj succeeded in breaking the wall.

But one wonders, when would Katrina Kaif take that path and say yes to intimate scenes. Though, Katrina looks seductive even in chiffon sarees and well-covered body, she has always had inhibitions getting steamy with co-stars.

Katrina seemingly has a no-kissing clause in her contract and even though reports are flying that she has sealed lips with Hrithik Roshan in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, no official confirmation has yet arrived. In fact, now the speculations are rife that she had been offered the kissing scene but she refused to green signal it.

While one may raise eyebrows recalling her lip-brushing act with John Abraham in ‘New York’, it wasn’t a proper kiss but more a camera-angle trick. But her no-intimacy clause is also a matter of grave astonishment as she’s the same gal who had no qualms in going semi-nude and literally vulgar in her forgettable debut ‘Boom’.

May be, now that she is an established actress, she is not comfortable in treading on to that route. But aren’t other A-list actresses too shedding clothes and inhibitions? Priyanka, Deepika, Preity, Kareena all are doing it. Will Katrina ever head that way?

Aamir And Shahrukh To fight In December 2011?

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has announced that he would next be working with Reema Kagti on the yet untitled suspense drama. This joint production of Farhan Akhtar-Ritesh Sidhwani and Aamir Khan would be ready for release by end of 2011.

Aamir And Shahrukh To fight In December 2011?

Now here is the catch. The makers of this film are also the ones behind Shah Rukh Khan's DON 2 (which is also being directed by Farhan Akhtar), which is all set for 23rd December 2011 release. This means that it could well be the case of a little too much for the production house as well to release two of their major films around the same time.

Reema, maintaining her distance from the production matters, said, "I can't really be commenting on this actually. The release plans are still being talked about and I don't know the exact time-line of the film's release. Yes, there are talks about releasing it before end of 2011 but let's see."

However, the fact still remains that suspense dramas are not known for being lavish affairs which means that this Aamir Khan film could be possibly smaller in comparison of DON 2.

Reema adds, "Well, yes you are right; it is futile to speculate. Also, it is hard to quantify things in the manner you state. All I can say at this point is that the film would be good enough to compete with the biggest of films in 2011.”

Friday, November 12, 2010

Why would Rocky S like Bipasha to inch toward getting married?

Bollywood babe Bipasha Basu is one of the actresses, who have reached their marriage age and is yet to tie the knot. Numerous fans of the dusky beauty want her to see in the bridal attire alongside her beau Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham.

Bipasha Basu: Why would Rocky S like Bipasha to inch toward getting married?

Leading Indian fashion designer Rocky is one of those well wishers of the actress, who wants to see get married. Well, he has another reason behind this wish.The designer is a close friend of Basu since last one decade and has a dream of designing her bridal costume. Whenever, the Bengali beauty ties the knot Rocky S wants to be the designer, who will design her D-day costumes.

However, Rocky is aware about the fact the this is not going to happen in near future considering the career plans of Bipasha and her long time beau John. He adds that his main focus is now Bipasha’s marriage so that he can dress her up.

Bipasha has presented the latest bridal collection by Rocky S today at AZA. For the time being, the designer has to be happy with dressing her up like a bride on the ramp only. His latest bridal collection is inspired from the Rajasthani and Turkish designs. The designs included sarees, lehengas, churidar kurtas threaded with silk, georgette, jacquard, chiffon, soft satin and crepe.

His collection was targeted not only for the bride but also for the entire family that specially dresses up on the occasion. So, Bipasha Basu can feel relived regarding the clothing of her and her relatives because her friend Rocky S has collection for all the family!

What makes Malaika the extreme Bollywood zest girl

What makes Malaika the extreme Bollywood zest girlMalaika Arora Khan not an actor, never mind the odd itsy-bitsy role in the odd forgettable film. Yet she has lasted in the film industry for over a decade. “I’m pretty much peripheral in terms of Bollywood, but yet in a way, because of the family I am married into, and my songs, I am in Bollywood ,” she says.

She is, rather, Bollywood’s Shakira of “item” numbers, the Item No. 1. A 35-year-old mother of a seven-year-old son, and still the stuff of male fantasy: when she teases a small town in Uttar Pradesh to distraction as Munni in Dabangg, the front-benchers and multiplex janta go wild. She is also, by the way, the producer of Dabangg Malaika will forgive you for letting that fact slip. “With me it’s always the songs... it’s for my “item” numbers that I’ll be part of this country’s cinema library.

It all started on top of a train. The year was 1998 and the film Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se. Malaika did the Chhaiyya chhaiyya Shah Rukh Khan and we all know how that turned out. Twelve years later, the “item number” is alive, though perhaps not flourishing, and she is still at the top, offered “a song a day toh pucca”. It’s a fact of the business: if an “item” song is the masala your film needs, Malaika is the go-to girl. In an industry where leading ladies turn into wallflowers in less than half a decade, what’s the secret of the dream run?

“She’s sexy, she’s beautiful and she’s a very good dancer,” says choreographer and director Farah Khan, “but then so are a lot of girls out there.” The difference, Farah says, is in the way she has planned her career. “Malaika has an edge because she has chosen her assignments wisely, maintained her exclusivity and is extremely professional. That’s the reason she has lasted so long,” she says. That, and the backing of one of Bollywood’s most powerful film families.

Priyanka Chopra prepared for marriage

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has been playing down talks of marriage all these years, reasoning that she would concentrate on her film career. But now, her parents have managed to convince her to settle down. And yes, she has given the nod.

Priyanka Chopra prepared for marriage

Priyanka said that she is ready for marriage. She added that she would marry any time if she comes across a man, who can sweep off her feet. Now, that she has given the nod, the Chopras are busy looking for a suitable man. Well, the Chopras have a good option in Shahid Kapoor – it would be love cum arranged marriage. And the duo will surely say yes!