Monday, June 25, 2012

Jiaa Manek lands herself in Bigger trouble

Jiaa Manek lands herself in Bigger trouble
After running into rough weather with CINTAA, 'Saath Nibhaana Saathiya' actress could well lose her membership with the association

Looks like Jiaa Manek could well be the biggest loser after her decision to take part in the reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa has landed her in major trouble. The actress had quit a daily TV show, which had made her a household name, for this reality show. 

Now her decision appears to have triggered the Cine and Television Artist Association (CINTAA) to cancel her membership. Plus, other members of the association may not even work with her anymore after this incident. 

Breach of contract
Jiaa was under a contract with the production house of the TV show, according to which she was not allowed to do any other show without their consent. However, she gave her nod to the reality show against the producer’s wishes. Later, they filed a complaint against her with the association for her unprofessional behaviour. 

End of the road? 
Now, apparently even CINTAA is not too happy with Jiaa’s antics. Our source says, “They are thinking of cancelling her membership as well as ask the federation not to co-operate with her. If the association cancels her membership, Jiaa will not be able to continue her work. A decision will be taken at the next meeting. ” 

Jiaa says, “I cannot comment on this matter right now. ”

Buzz is that the channel has already paid a signing amount of R 1 crore to Jiaa and has even promised her two more shows. 

However, the actress rubbishes the claim and says, “I was shooting daily for my show when the reality show was offered to me. There is no question of signing more shows with them. ”

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