Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have displayed my naked body but why call me a s*** - Sherlyn Chopra

I have displayed my naked body but why call me a s*** - Sherlyn Chopra
The starlet on the reactions to her Playboy shoot, meeting Hugh Hefner and stripping for money

Sherlyn Chopra had created quite a stir when she announced that she would be posing nude for the Playboy Magazine. And now after the ‘act’ is done, she is back in Mumbai and eager to talk about her ‘thrilling’ experience.

The starlet says, “It was the most amazing photo shoot and I can proudly say that these were the best days of my life. I first did a mock shoot with a photographer friend of mine to see how I looked without clothes. 

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I loved what I saw and knew that with a professional team shooting me nude, I would look phenomenal. That is exactly what the magazine team has achieved and when people all over the world see me on the cover, they will all say, Wow!”

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Let the body talk

A photoshoot entails the presence of a sizeable crew on the sets and Sherlyn gushes how it was never uncomfortable for her to shoot in front of them. She points out, “Not once did I feel awkward or embarrassed. They could not believe that I am an Indian and I could be so candid about my body.”

Sherlyn Chopra with the crew

Incidentally, the Indian festival Holi was used as one of the themes for the shoot. Sherlyn explains, “The pictures you see are about me in different colours, as they were quite amused by Holi. There were various themes like vintage jewellery, vintage costumes, the James Bond girl theme and the mystery woman theme.”


Sherlyn is also happy that she finally met Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and says, “I realised that Hefner has a fixed routine. He watches films, eats and sleeps as per his fixed timings. I also met Ava Fabian and other playmates there.”

Regarding the feedback she has received on her social networking site, Sherlyn points out, “I know people in India feel that it is no big deal and some have called me a s*** and such things on my account.

Some of the comments are very nasty and people feel that I have brought shame to the country but some have encouraged me as well. So, I realised that it is not going to be love all the way.”

Swayamvar next?
So does she expect this photo shoot to rake in some on screen offers too? Sherlyn says, “Yes, and I don’t mind doing the next season of Swayamvar or a good A-list film or endorsements. As far as posing nude in a film is concerned, I won’t mind doing it if I have to do it with a filmmaker who would do it like the Bhatts do.”

Speaking about her personal life, Sherlyn said, “It is very hard to find a guy who can embrace you. Most of the guys have the typical Indian mentality. I am hoping that I find somebody who will see my heart and soul.” 

Anything for money, honey!
Sherlyn is quite candid about the fact that money is a big temptation when it comes to shedding inhibitions.

She states, “I have a great love for money and I feel no shame in wanting to have more because wanting a happier life is no crime. I have not sold my soul to the devil. I have displayed my naked body but I still feel that I am an Indian.”

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