Monday, November 19, 2012

REVEALED: What happened to SRK and Katrina's Torrid Kiss

To the audiences surprise during the cascading courtship conventions in Yash Chopra's Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ) Shah Rukh Khan asks Katrina, If I kiss you, will you slap me? 

Rather shocked by this volte-face by the normally genteel and decorous lover-boy's roles that SRK normally plays, one of SRK's more fun-loving heroines at the premier had quipped loud enough for others to hear, She may not slap you. But Salman certain will. 

Turns out there two kisses, one furtive and one lengthy one, that were shot for the film. 

That Shah Rukh Khan has kissed his heroine for the first time in Yash Chopra's JTHJ is by now, a major talking point about the film. Shah Rukh had constantly listed kissing as one of the absolute no-nos of his career. 
So what made him take the plunge in this case? Well, it's the old excuse of the script demanding it. The first kiss in a London tube-train subway was mandatory. But we hear another much lengthier kiss was shot in a verdant meadow right after SRK.. The audience finally gets to see only a brief portion of what was shot, thanks to SRK's 'timely' intervention, just before the film's release. 

A very reliable source informs, There's a lengthy kiss between them. And everyone saw it at the premier  But when the film was released it was cut down to a negligible few seconds of fleeting lip-rub. 
Apparently when Shah Rukh saw how torrid the kiss had turned out he personally requested Aditya Chopra to cut it down. 

Says our source, Both Shah Rukh and Katrina are totally opposed to screen kissing. But here there was a need for one in the subway when Shah Rukh first confesses his love to her. Later, another far lengthier kiss was shot between the couple. It was there on the premier night. But seriously abbreviated on release. Both of them felt uncomfortable with it.

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