Monday, December 3, 2012

Asha Bhosle, The Diva Bounces back ater Tragedy

The singing diva Asha Bhosle represents the wondrous spirit of human resilience in all its sonorous splendour. In two less than two months she has pulled herself away from abject grief to unconquerable optimism.

Ever since her only daughter Varsha's gruesome suicide on 8 October Ashaji has been lying low. In fact, friends and family say she had gone into a depression which seemed to have gripped her with frightening intensity.

But now comes heartening news. Ashaji has gradually begun to heal and become emotionally healthy once again.

The singer's therapy for recuperation: music.

Says a source close to the singer, If it wasn't for the music the tragedy would have destroyed her. Ashaji has immersed herself completely into music. She has again started doing riyaaz religiously every morning and evening like an eager student of music. It has helped her to regain her composure, given her hope, strengthened her resolve to carry on.

We now hear that the songstress would hold a comeback concert in January which would be dedicated to her daughter Varsha.

Not only that. The singing diva's acting debut in Mai delayed because of the devastating bereavement, would also be released in January.

Says the source, Ashaji has completely submerged her grief into her music. She sounds better today than she did six months ago. It's a miracle. But then she is a very strong woman.

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