Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First look: Akki drives a car with his legs!

Akshay Kumar's unique promotional stunt for his film 'Khiladi 786' in Punjab

Akshay Kumar is known for his various stunt acts. For the promotion of his upcoming film Khiladi 786 he is taking it further the star drove a vehicle with his legs! The star who was in Bathinda in Punjab recently had planned to make his entry on a bike. However at the last minute there was a change of plan.

A car was brought instead of a bike. Says an onlooker, He took everyone by surprise. He drove the car from the backstage to the open ground where the crowd was present using his legs. Creative producer Rakesh Upadhyay says, Yes, he did drive the car with his legs!

Wheels of desire

While on a trip to Indore for his film, Akshay Kumar requested for a Hummer. The agency which was co-ordinating the star's visit ensured that the actor got his choice of vehicle.

According to a source, Luckily it could be arranged for at the last minute. Akshay is fond of SUVs and was seen chatting with the driver and discussing about cars.

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