Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sunny Leone's Home Art

Sunny Leone is extremely particular about the kind of paintings she purchases to do up her new apartment in the city 

Looks like Sunny Leone is in a hurry to make sure her swanky new apartment starts to feel like home. The adult film actress, who recently retuned from the US, has been busy shopping for furniture and art pieces with her husband Daniel Weber for her new flat. Sources say the actress wants to be back in New York in time for Christmas. 

A source close to Sunny says, She and her husband recently bought an Italian marble dining table, a sofa and a carpet. She has already shifted into the flat and is now setting it up.

Unlike other celebrities, Sunny apparently decided not to hire an interior decorator and instead do up the place herself. Apparently the couple is using a lot of white, black and grey shades in the house. 
I am very excited to start staying here in Mumbai. I have two beautiful dogs in the US but here I will not have to be bothered about them chewing on the furniture and couches! I am very particular about the art pieces that I finally select,  says the actress. The actress is apparently also asking her friends to pitch in with ideas. 

Sunny and her husband have also welcomed home a new luxury car that she hopes to beg 

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